The Root cause Analysis (RCA) messages for any attribute will be changed whenever there is a change in severity. It will not change during every polling.

For example, let us assume that you have associated a threshold ( Critical > 90, Warning > 80 and Clear <= 80 ) to Cpu Utilization of a server. If the current cpu utilization value is 92%, then RCA message for Health of the monitor will say

Health is critical.Root Cause :

1. CPU Utilization 92 > 90 % (threshold).

The RCA message for CPU Utilization attribute will say,

CPU Utilization – Critical.CPU Utilization of is critical because its value 92 > 90 %.

[Threshold Details : Critical if value > 90, Warning if value > 80, Clear if value <= 80]

In the next poll if the cpu utilization value increases to 96%, the RCA message will not be updated now for Health and CPU Utilization attribute. This message will be updated only when the cpu utilization becomes less than 90 ( when it becomes either warning or clear ). The RCA message for Health of the monitor will change however if another attribute becomes critical. So if the Physical Memory Utilization (%) also becomes critical, the RCA message for Health of the monitor will say,

Health is critical.Root Cause :

1. Physical Memory Utilization 93 > 90 % (threshold).

2. CPU Utilization 92 > 90 % (threshold).

– Arun

  1. Thanks for dropping by.

    Please try these steps to overcome the problem:

    1) On the dashboard, click on Monitor Group Actions, and select ‘Refresh Status’. This will refresh the widget.

    2) Try accessing the application on different browsers (i.e. firefox / chrome) and check.

    3) If the problem persists, restart Applications Manager once.

    Let me know if this resolved the problem.

  2. niyatidave


    I added a http url as service in appmanger9 for testing. But it was showing as down as it was unreachable. Then I deleted the http url as service from Monitors.

    On the Home page under Summary > Web server/services availability and health icons are still showing red, on clicking the RCA message as Url is down.

    So how to remove this RCA which is actually false. or any way to refresh