The right way to track technician performance

Amid concerns of resource scarcity and increasingly complex resolution processes, service desks are constantly under pressure to deliver more with less. This, in effect, forces service desk managers to drive technicians to resolve requests faster, leading to an unhealthy obsession …

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Project Burndown report: A visual guide to tracking project progress from start to finish

According to a report published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), 49 percent of all IT projects are delivered late. The report identifies the two major factors that contribute to project delays as:

  1. Poor project estimates.

  2. Failure to adhere to

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Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’ ticket history, projects, and knowledge base modules

We’re happy to announce the release of advanced analytics for three more ServiceDesk Plus modules:

  • Request transition history—Visualize the complete request timeline, from ticket creation to ticket resolution.

  • Projects—Plan, manage, and monitor project progress to deliver IT projects on

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