4 ways to save on IT costs in the asset life cycle [Part 1: Procurement]


Are you on a conservative budget or looking to cut costs in IT? Luckily, you don’t have to look far for opportunities to save in IT. In each of the various stages of an asset life cycle, there are …

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Expedite incident resolution with Analytics Plus app for ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow manager, have you ever wondered how you can deliver a satisfying customer experience to your end users without increasing headcount, or adding to the workload of your existing front-line workers? In a world of digital transformations and …

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Leverage advanced analytics to secure your endpoint devices

Since March 2020, millions of employees have been plunged into a global work-from-home experiment. This poses serious security concerns for organizations because:

1. The responsibility to ensure data security now leans more on individual employees, rather than as a shared …

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Three reports to ensure your project plans are failproof

Efficient project planning is an important skill for project managers. It helps you get things done on time, make iterations, and develop contingency plans for emergencies. Efficient project planning also helps you analyze risks; set and convey to stakeholders clear, …

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Infrastructure dashboards: Declutter your monitoring data and ensure you’re not overspending

The task of monitoring and managing an entire network, including all the servers and applications that run on it, is by no means easy. With so many components of varying complexity, the volume of performance data coming at you can …

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The right way to track technician performance

Amid concerns of resource scarcity and increasingly complex resolution processes, service desks are constantly under pressure to deliver more with less. This, in effect, forces service desk managers to drive technicians to resolve requests faster, leading to an unhealthy obsession …

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Project Burndown report: A visual guide to tracking project progress from start to finish

According to a report published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), 49 percent of all IT projects are delivered late. The report identifies the two major factors that contribute to project delays as:

  1. Poor project estimates.

  2. Failure to adhere to

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Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’ ticket history, projects, and knowledge base modules

We’re happy to announce the release of advanced analytics for three more ServiceDesk Plus modules:

  • Request transition history—Visualize the complete request timeline, from ticket creation to ticket resolution.

  • Projects—Plan, manage, and monitor project progress to deliver IT projects on

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