Learn how to secure Windows logons with two-factor authentication [Free webinar]

The go-to strategy for most cybercriminals is stealing user credentials and using them across multiple accounts in an attempt to compromise sensitive network resources. This credential-based attack strategy is highly popular, with 81 percent of successful data breaches utilizing this …

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Our guide to bridging the shortcomings of Active Directory’s password management features

As an IT administrator, most of your tasks revolve around password management. With most organizations using Active Directory (AD) to manage their IT, a major portion of your tasks are AD-based. However, it’s no secret that AD hasn’t evolved well …

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Attend our Active Directory (AD) and IT security seminar from the comfort of your workplace

ManageEngine Online seminar

We’re thrilled to announce that our two-day Active Directory and IT security seminar will be available for online attendees. If you’ve always wanted to attend one of our seminars but haven’t been able to make the trip, here’s your chance.…

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Self-service password reset in a hybrid Active Directory environment

Password reset tickets constitute a major chunk of the help desk ticket pile. Allowing users to reset their own passwords is a sure way of boosting productivity. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) includes a self-service password reset (SSPR) feature that …

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Gain insights into user behavior and detect insider threats

A whopping 60 percent of cyberattacks are caused by insiders. This could be due to excessive access privileges, an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data, and the growing complexity of information technology. To make matters worse, traditional …

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[Free webinar] Bridging the gaps left by Active Directory password policies

IT administrators have tough jobs. From keeping the network running to servicing piles of support requests, their hands are always full. Even with so much on their plate, security is one element they can’t ignore.

Due to its low-risk, high-reward …

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Quick tips to ensure your Azure AD is safe from threats

Being the gatekeeper of Microsoft’s cloud solutions, Azure AD comes with a wide range of default security measures; these include insights on risky sign-ins and user accounts that are susceptible to attacks. However, limitations in the native tool, like a …

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File server auditing: Excluding certain files and file types

In order to improve the efficiency of audit reports, administrators auditing a file server may decide not to monitor certain files and file types. With ADAuditPlus’ Exclude Configuration feature, certain files and file types can be excluded from auditing without …

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Tracking insider threats with AI

If you thought masked hackers in dark rooms spreading malware were your only security concern, think again.

Malicious intent isn’t always the case in such incidents. Most of the time, it’s negligence or accidental disclosure of confidential data by employees …

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