The 5 essential components of successful file server auditing

File server auditing is an essential process, and inattention can cost your organization heavily, both in terms of business impact, and governmental financial penalties.

Imagine this scenario: A professor at a university unscrupulously accesses several critical files that contain breakthrough …

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Business Intelligence Group’s 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Threat Detection goes to…

We are excited to share that ManageEngine’s Log360 has been awarded the 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Threat Detection. The Business Intelligence Group’s unique scoring system measures performance across multiple business domains. 

With threats on the rise, cybersecurity …

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The LLMNR/NBT-NS strike

Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) and NetBIOS Name Service (NBT-NS) are two protocols that are used to identify a host address on a network when the DNS name resolution, which is the conventional method, fails to do so.

When a …

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3 simple ways to ensure email security in the post-COVID-19 era [E-book]

Due to social distancing mandates following the COVID-19 crisis, organizations around the world have asked their employees to work remotely, making email communications more important than ever for disparate teams to collaborate. Unfortunately, this has made it easy for threat …

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Permissions, access rights, and privileges: Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

Permissions, access controls, user rights, or privileges define what an identity can see or do in an organization. These terms are often used interchangeably based on context, and essentially perform the same function—granting or denying access to the resources in …

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Smart Active Directory management from a smartphone

With IT admins working from home, like everyone else, routine challenges have increased, and especially when IT resources are not at one’s fingertips at all times, such as during on-call hours. Having the ability to manage Active Directory (AD) from …

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Implementing NIST password guidelines to boost remote employee security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a physical sciences laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce, that provides security guidelines, quality standards, and more for various industries. Being a federal agency, NIST …

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What do we talk about when we have password problems?

Chat 1

Employee 1: Hi, admin.

Employee 1: I forgot my password. Can you reset it for me? I’ve raised a ticket too. 

IT admin: *sigh*

Chat 2

Employee 2: Hello, admin. Can you unlock my account? I’ve raised a

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