How ADAudit Plus helps you assess your exposure to Follina (CVE-2022-30190)

The recently discovered Windows zero-day vulnerability continues to make news as threat actors across the globe are relentless in their efforts to exploit it. The vulnerability, dubbed Follina, can be exploited when the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) is called …

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How we make ADSelfService Plus more secure for you

Security experts around the world are talking about the importance of improving security measures to keep networks safe—and for good reason. We have plenty of examples of how relentless threat actors can be, and we’ve now seen that not even …

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Establishing a least privilege environment in healthcare organizations [E-book]

Did you know that by selling a single health record on the dark web, an attacker can get as much as $1,000? It’s no wonder why healthcare organizations are being targeted so aggressively these days. Ever since the COVID-19 …

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A practical approach to Active Directory Domain Services, Part 6: FSMO roles in AD

Do new users created on one domain controller (DC) of an Active Directory (AD) environment, ever get erroneously deleted only after a few minutes by DCs of other sites within an AD forest?

Do changes made in a particular AD

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Cyberattacks and protecting your cloud services [E-book]

2021 saw an increase in most types of cyberattacks. The number of ransomware attacks rose by 105% (to 623.3 million attacks) and encrypted threats increased by 167% (to 10.4 million attacks), according to a February 2022 article in TechRepublic, an …

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A practical approach to Active Directory Domain Services, Part 4: AD groups and OUs

Active Directory (AD) objects are rarely managed as standalone entities. In Part 3 of this series, we covered practical exercises for creating and managing two of the most critical AD objects, namely users and computers, after setting up a laboratory …

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A practical approach to Active Directory Domain Services, Part 3: Explore AD with user and computer accounts

How do you begin working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)? If you have read the previous parts of this blog series, you will know that Active Directory (AD) is a vast subject. In this series, we have chosen …

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NOBELIUM’s phishing attacks: How to protect your Microsoft 365 setup [E-book]

In 2021, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center discovered a new malicious email campaign by NOBELIUM, a group of hackers that has carried out nation-state attacks, and has continued to track it. In the latest phishing attack, NOBELIUM’s targets were 3,000 …

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Protecting your Microsoft 365 services against NOBELIUM attacks [E-book]

In December 2020, Microsoft came forward with details regarding what is now being considered the most extensive, severe cyberattack in history—the NOBELIUM attack. This shocking security breach by NOBELIUM, a group of Russian hackers, brought the cybersecurity world to a …

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