The Business Intelligence Group announced the winners of the Fortress Award 2023 on May 31. We are thrilled to share that ManageEngine AD360 stood out amongst the competition, earning recognition in the Authentication and Identity category.

The Fortress Award is a prestigious accolade in the cybersecurity space, and it recognizes outstanding achievements and innovations in the fight against cyberthreats. The award serves as a testament to the hard work and expertise of the individuals and companies involved in developing and implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

The Business Intelligence Group’s recognition of AD360 in the Authentication and Identity category is well-deserved, considering its comprehensive range of features that streamline identity management. In today’s landscape, where unauthorized access and identity breaches pose significant risks, AD360 offers organizations the tools they need to fortify their security measures.

One of the standout features of ManageEngine AD360 is its ability to provide actionable reports and leverage user behavior analytics powered by machine learning. This helps in gaining advanced security insights with reports on risks creeping into the environment. AD360 also helps identify configuration errors, monitor unusual patterns in routine events such as abnormal logon times or object access, and detect instances of privilege abuse. Moreover, AD360 automates user provisioning, stale account cleanup, and other identity-related tasks, eliminating redundancy and human errors while improving overall business processes.

AD360 provides various authentication methods, including biometric and other advanced techniques. Organizations can enhance their security posture by implementing MFA online and offline across endpoints and applications. Additionally, AD360 offers risk-based adaptive authentication, utilizing factors such as user location, IP address, logon time, device footprint, and more.

With AD360’s comprehensive features, automation capabilities, and robust authentication mechanisms, organizations can establish a secure and trusted environment. ManageEngine is proud to receive this esteemed recognition, and we remain committed to empowering organizations with innovative solutions that drive cybersecurity excellence.

Suparna Barman
Product Marketing Specialist