Securing VPN and RDP access to sensitive resources [Free e-book and webinar]

Guide to secure RDP and VPN access with MFA

At times, life during COVID-19 pandemic can feel like something from a dystopian novel. If anyone told us ahead of time that we’d be working from home due to a deadly virus outbreak in 2020, we probably wouldn’t have believed …

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How to stop rampant, poor password practices

We’ve all heard about the consequences of poor password practices again and again. Yet, users still reuse their passwords for multiple accounts, create weak passwords, or use dictionary words and compromised passwords. Why do users still follow these poor …

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Use conditional access to improve the security posture of your expanding remote workforce


With remote work rapidly becoming the norm, traditional access control policies that govern how access is granted and under what circumstances are in desperate need of a makeover. Implementing access control policies that enable additional security measures like MFA during …

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Implementing NIST password guidelines to boost remote employee security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a physical sciences laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce, that provides security guidelines, quality standards, and more for various industries. Being a federal agency, NIST …

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What do we talk about when we have password problems?

Chat 1

Employee 1: Hi, admin.

Employee 1: I forgot my password. Can you reset it for me? I’ve raised a ticket too. 

IT admin: *sigh*

Chat 2

Employee 2: Hello, admin. Can you unlock my account? I’ve raised a

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How to mitigate password security risks associated with remote work

The world has become accustomed to remote work, and companies have adapted to this change. However, working remotely—far from a permanent and secured perimeter—is exactly what hackers have been doing all along. Working in this type of environment is their …

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Why some organizations voluntarily implement NIST guidelines

Despite drastic changes so far in 2020, the one thing that has stayed somewhat the same is data security, with the Wawa convenience stores data breach becoming the third-largest credit card breach in history. The fact that even big names …

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Simple and seamless password management for remote work

Remote work brings with it a fair share of challenges for IT admins. For example, when users contact admins to reset or change their Active Directory passwords remotely, the new credentials aren’t updated in their devices, as those devices are …

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Opening up our end-user password management tool to help businesses operate seamlessly while workforces are remote

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COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). As a precautionary measure for the safety of employees, most organizations are adopting mandatory work from home policy.…

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