Among the various tasks that IT administrators carry out on a daily basis, password management takes center stage. Gartner estimates that about a third of help desk calls are concerning password resets and account lockouts. While attending to these calls is important in maintaining employee productivity, password management also takes up a lot of the IT team’s time that they could have otherwise spent on critical tasks demanding their tech expertise.

The negative impact of such password management problems is especially prominent in larger organizations, where IT teams are hard-pressed for time and requests pile up. It’s critical for an organization to provide its users with hassle-free account recovery options. Streamlined account recovery leads to increased productivity for both the IT team and other employees in the company.

The ideal solution is to empower end-users to recover their accounts securely even when they’re out of office. Sadly, the native Active Directory features aren’t able to handle even the most common use cases, like password resets and account unlocks.

Self-service solutions overcome this by giving users the power to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts by themselves. However, admins need to be careful about security while implementing self-service password reset by finding a third-party tool that offers the right balance between security and convenience.

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Thejas Sridhar
Product Consultant