On any given day, employees toggle between multiple business-critical applications, both on-premises and cloud-based, requiring them to remember different passwords. This often leads to password fatigue and, subsequently, a surge in password-related help desk calls.

Although IT administrators can manually manage password changes, these requests consume a lot of time and resources that the help desk could be investing elsewhere. Instead, IT admins can synchronize passwords across applications in hybrid AD environments to significantly cut down on password-related help desk calls. When passwords are synced automatically and in real time, users only have to remember one password to access multiple applications across various platforms.

Password synchronization in hybrid AD using ADSelfService Plus allows users to sign in to multiple services like Salesforce and ServiceNow using their Windows domain AD passwords. When users change their Windows AD passwords using ADSelfService Plus—or any of the native methods in Windows—the changes are automatically reflected in the cloud applications they use, too.

Figure 1. Password synchronization across applications in ADSelfService Plus.

With ADSelfService Plus:

  • Users only have to remember one password to access multiple applications.

  • Automatic, real-time password synchronization does not require any further action from the administrator’s end once enabled.


Through real-time password synchronization, ADSelfService Plus leverages users’ Windows domain AD credentials to access other business applications, so users only have to remember one password. This keeps the login process simple, improves user productivity, and reduces help desk costs.

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