Dynamic group membership based on user properties

When a group fails to contain the correct members, access to resources or to a network application could fail. So, ensuring that group membership is correct can go a long way in reducing calls about failures to access resources. One …

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Updating Active Directory users in bulk

Do you have user accounts in Active Directory that have incorrect attribute configurations? For example, did someone add the job role to the display name for every user that is in the IT department? This is common for some or …

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Active Directory: On-the-fly bulk user management

Often, some or all users in a group need the same attribute updated for a project or some other requirement. But this can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to finding the group and then having to manually

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Active Directory: On-the-fly group management

Some of us have huge Active Directory environments, while others have smaller to medium-sized installations. Regardless of size, it can be difficult to find what you need in Active Directory due to the sheer size of your enterprise and the

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