With IT admins working from home, like everyone else, routine challenges have increased, and especially when IT resources are not at one’s fingertips at all times, such as during on-call hours. Having the ability to manage Active Directory (AD) from a smartphone can be a great convenience. ManageEngine AdManager Plus’ iOS and Android mobile apps provide that convenience along with other benefits. The only side-effect might be something like you’d hear in this conversation:

Boss:  I noticed that you have been online from your phone for a long time now.

Boss:  Did you take care of the user account provisioning?

IT Admin:  Yes.

Boss:  What about the reports of user and computer accounts I asked for?

IT Admin:  Already emailed them to you, sir.

Boss:  Is someone else doing the work for you?

IT Admin:  The ADManager Plus mobile app.

Boss:  Oh, great!

Imagine the frustration of your users working from home if they cannot reach an IT administrator or technician. The ADManager Plus mobile app helps address remote users’ concerns and issues by enabling IT admins and techs to resolve common user IT issues quickly and efficiently. 

Features of the ADManager Plus mobile app:

  • Reset users’ forgotten passwords.

  • Enable, disable, unlock, and delete accounts on-the-go.

  • Provision and deprovision users, and more, in AD.

  • View and manage AD tickets.

  • Generate user account reports, as well as various AD and Office 365 reports.


Benefits of the ADManager Plus mobile app:

  • Improved user productivity via agile management actions.

  • Increased availability of IT admin and techs.

  • Ensures ease of management of multiple user accounts through mobile iOS and Android devices.

  • Enables management of AD users even when IT admins and techs are on-the-go.

ADManagerPlus Mobile app gives IT admins and techs the power to stay on top of all AD user and computer accounts, 24×7, using just their iOS or Android device.

Check out the ADManagerPlus Mobile app for yourself. Sign up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free demo with a product expert to get your questions answered.

Terence Morais
Product Marketing Specialist