Coming Soon… Active Directory Reports & Mgmt Integration

A lot of people have been asking if we were going to integrate Active Directory Reports with Management in ADManager Plus.The answer is of course YES.

For the initial version of the integration, we added options like Delete, Disable, Enable …

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Create your own Naming Format

Learn how to make your own Naming Format, while creating a users in Active Directory using ADManager Plus.

If you want to create Naming Format as “FirstName + . + First 1 Characters of LastName” Please follow the steps,…

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ADManager Plus & Help Desk Users

Whew, what a week! We just released a batch of long-awaited new features and we hope you’re as excited about them as we are.

One of the questions we see most frequently is, “Is it posible to have help desk …

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Slew of new ADManager Plus features added today

We’ve had a ton of people in the forums asking when the 4.1 would be available. Today, we’re happy to inform you that 4.1 GA is released and is ready for download. Get the latest ADManager Plus here.You will …

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Post about ADManager Plus in Swedish forum

It’s nice to see that people are starting to find out ADManager Plus. Tatsumi at in an Swedish forum post tittled ‘Advice about new web based tools’ has metioned about the advantages of using ADManager Plus and version 4.1 …

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4008 – Released!!!

We just released our ADManager Plus 4008 build.

Here are some of the major fixes and enhancements:

1. Customized Naming Formats.

2. Computer Modifications.

3. Additional Reports.

Click here to learn more about 4008 build fixes and enhancements

Please visit …

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ADManager Plus – Update

It’s been a long time since I blogged. After the Release of ADManager Plus 4 GA on April 1st 06, our team is engaged in developing more features and enhacing the existing features requested by our users.

We are getting …

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I take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ADManager Plus 4 which we have been passionately working for quite sometime.

A Quick Glance about the product

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a 100% web-based product that simplifies enterprise-wide Windows Active …

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ADManager Plus count down starts…

Using AD ManagerPlus you can:

Create and modify multiple user attributes like

    ? Exchange mail properties? Change & Reset password? Account expiry

    ? Contact properties

    ? Move user from one OU (Organizational Units) to other, and many more…

– User …

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