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Kiosk mode for mobile devices: serve one purpose, perfectly

As mobile devices evolve to do everything under the sun, some organizational sectors still demand these devices to serve just one purpose: register point-of-sale feedback, manage warehouse inventory, or help students take subject tests in schools, for instance.

To cater …

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Lost an iOS or Android device? Track and lock it down with Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile device loss can shatter even the most productive mobile workforce. When mobile devices are lost, they risk falling into the hands of someone equipped to steal or corrupt your sensitive corporate data.

What about geo-tracking the devices?
Many users …

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​Think Before You Wipe: Destroying Mobile Data Is Just One Option for Missing Devices

Modern day organizations provide employees the flexibility to work from anywhere around the office, such as the workstation, cafeteria, or meeting rooms. When employees use mobile devices to do work, they will store data on them. And, when employees

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6 Reasons Your Company Should Have Its Own App Store

Just as enterprise IT departments are starting to get a handle on the bring your own device BYOA is what happens when employees bring their mobile devices to work. They’re not just making phone calls on their smartphones. They’re running

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