Tip of the Week: Set Dashboard as a Tab

This is the first of a series of posts where I’m going to share some Applications Manager tips and tricks, some of which you might have missed due to oversight. If you are an Applications Manager user with over 500+ monitors configured, you will have a plethora of performance metrics and reports to look at. However, there will be certain servers and metrics that are more business critical than others. What’s better than having the KPIs of multiple apps in a single page! Dashboards will let you do that. By default, the dashboards can be viewed under the Home tab of Applications Manager. This week we will look at couple of tips related to the dashboard. Quick Tip 1: Set dashboard as a tab The tabs in Applications Man…

The Power of Analytics Series – Part III

A dashboard is extremely important for a vehicle on road. It helps monitor critical parameters like fuel level, speed etc. Imagine riding a car without a dashboard and the consequences are as undesirable as it could get. The dashboard assumes a position of utmost importance in terms of assuring safety, control and it helps in steering the journey further. Likewise, the Dashboard of a network traffic analytics tool is a collection of vital information about the network in one place. It gives a comprehensive at-a-glance view of different sections of your network, no matter where they are. This helps in being constantly aware of what are the top activities that influence network performance. It gives the IT Adm…

The Power of Analytics Series – Part II

Dashboarding & Reporting versus Real Analytics The volume of traffic related data on the network is too big. The mere multitude of applications and the data packets they contribute make it. Handling big data can be quite challenging and analyzing it can be even more. It is at this point that a tool to monitor traffic in the network comes into play. The tool is ideally expected to help in enabling the Administrator get better visibility into the network. It also has the primary role of providing useful insights about the network by means of generating reports concerning not just the current state of the network but also use the data to predict network behavior and things such as the effect of running new applica…

A day with IT-Decision makers, Work’s not very appealing without a right solution!

Hi All, It’s been a while since I have penned my thoughts on technology here. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by vastly experienced and very busy personalities; and the experience is such that you feel to share it to peers, right? Most of you might be aware of the ManageEngine user-conference which was held a few weeks back in Melbourne and Sydney (and we keep doing that around the globeJ). Such user conferences help our team to meet and interact with people who are using our products. It’s fun. Watch this section for more information about the next conference. I was lucky enough to be part of our user-conference in Melbourne and Sydney and even luckier to speak about Integrated IT Management. I have bee…

5 Strategies to Help IT Operate at the New Speed of Business

Myriads of applications run businesses worth billions of dollars today. Thousands of network components support these business-critical applications and hundreds of sites are dependent on them. All this sums up to create a complex architecture which is beyond the imagination of a common man who just wants his application to be live all the time. For example, look at the recent high profile RIM outage which affected millions of users, who were kept in dark for four continuous days, worldwide. One definitely doesn’t want to be in such a situation in their business. The lesson we should learn from the RIM situation is how proactive an IT system should be to handle a crisis effectively while giving end user

Dashboards in NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition.

This blog will give you a good understanding about the Dashboard in NetFlow Analyzer. The Enterprise Edition of NetFlow Analyzer has two dashboards 1) Collector Dashboard
2) Network Snapshot Collector Dashboard:
This collector dashboard will give information about the top utilized interfaces with respect to each collector. The top N can be selected from the Customize button available on the top right corner of the Collector dashboard. This customize dashboard page also gives you options for deciding if you would like to see selected interfaces. Say, you have a couple of critical interfaces which needs continuous monitoring, you can make use of this option. When you need to get the information on a collec…