1. J

    Doesn’t work, won’t send email. Not enough info in this post. I really dislike this product. It’s very minor league.

    • Derek Melber

      I am very sorry you feel that way. The post is not designed to be a full step-by-step, but rather the core to what the product can do. In order for the product, like any product, to send email, the Email aspect must be configured. That is under the the Admin tab, then Server Settings, then Mail. Here you simply configure your mail settings and the alerts can be mailed. Similarly, setting up the SMS aspect under the same location can also send SMS texts.
      The product is highly powerful, yet easy to configure and customize. I encourage you to take another look, as you will not find another product in the space that comes close to the ease of use, breadth of power, and cost to implement and sustain.
      If you have any direct questions for me or would like assistance, please email me at derek@manageengine.com