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Identifying Layer 7 application traffic to make your WAN hum

Network administrators around the globe are very concerned about the type of traffic that is exiting their network. They want their critical business application over the WAN to perform at its best. Non-critical applications like web traffic and social media …

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Configuring sFlow export from ZTE and Edge-Core switches

This blog explains how to export sFlow from ZTE and Edge-Core switches.

ZTE switches

The sFlow commands for these switches are as follows:

sFlow commands

sflow enable
sflow agent-config ipv4-address <Source IP Address>
sflow collector-config ipv4-address <Destination IP Address> <UDP …

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The Power of Analytics Series – Part II

Dashboarding & Reporting versus Real Analytics

The volume of traffic related data on the network is too big. The mere multitude of applications and the data packets they contribute make it. Handling big data can be quite challenging and analyzing …

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The Power of Analytics Series: Part I

Analytics for Enterprise Network Usage Effectiveness

Businesses are embracing Networks as if they were made for each other. The network complements the business with benefits in terms of better operational efficiency, improved productivity, easier ways to communicate etc.

In a …

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Class-based weighted fair queuing for better traffic management

In this blog, we’ll cover class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ) for effective traffic shaping and bandwidth management in a busy or congested network.

To understand CBWFQ, you first need to understand standard weighted fair …

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Missing OUT traffic with Cisco 4500

Just found a limitation and a bug when using Flexible NetFlow in Cisco 4500 running IOS XE and thought of sharing it. We were working with one of our customers to enable Flexible NetFlow on Cisco 4500. Everything went well, …

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Improve Operations Productivity by Integrating Contextual Information using New Widgets for Custom Dashboards

When Applications Manager is your primary Applications and Systems Performance Monitoring tool, you need to make sure all supplementary views from 3rd party tools or intranet wikis are easily accessible to your operations team when they need it.

When ManageEngine

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Is Solarwinds going the Big 4 way?

Last week Network management point-product vendor Solarwinds Inc.(NYSE: SWI) announced that it is acquiring Storage Management vendor Tek-Toolsfor $42M in cash and stock.

I can understand the need for the acquisition and I would say that it is probably …

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Last Week at the NFA Team – A quick brief

Firstly, our many thanks to all those who willingly came forward to try this new release. We really appreciate it. We would only strongly recommend all those who haven’t tried it yet to do so now & here – and …

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