How to use OpManager as an effective disk space monitor for your network monitoring environment

OpManager disk space monitor

Disk space availability in servers is crucial. Applications that run on these servers save log files and write data to a database that is also installed on the server; if there isn’t enough disc space, the application may not work …

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SNMP monitoring solution: Significant monitoring insights in a click

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a networking protocol that aids in the transfer of data among devices, thereby managing and monitoring devices present in the internet protocol network. Networks have an array of devices connected to them, and new …

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5 essential metrics to monitor in your VMware environment

VMware Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

VMware enables businesses of all kinds to set up and employ virtual machines (VMs) and servers. These virtual instances provide an abundance of benefits, such as faster speeds, reduced costs, and reduced downtime. However, they can also be quite difficult

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Top 5 ways OpManager helps streamline network performance by monitoring Windows processes

Windows Process Monitor - ManageEngine OpManager

Forty percent of enterprises say an hourly network outage costs up to $1 million. Evidently, one minor overlook in monitoring the performance and availability of a network can result in costly downtime. This is why firms that heavily rely …

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A network admin’s guide to network diagram software

Network Diagram Software - ManageEngine OpManager

For organizations growing larger by the day, network management becomes increasingly complex, and scaling to meet this growth can be a major headache. To battle such complexity without a graphic representation of a network is a tiresome task, which is …

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Understanding why businesses require network topology software 

It is crucial for network admins to fully understand their network topology. Even basic troubleshooting can be needlessly complicated without a network topology diagram which is vital for building and maintaining a network. A network topology diagram shows how the

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Wi-Fi monitor: 5 ways it helps you get wireless network management right

WiFi monitoring solution - ManageEngine OpManager

The increasing need for mobility has accelerated many organizations’ shift towards wireless networks, commonly known as Wi-Fi networks. The high bit rate and bandwidth offered by wireless networks enable a better networking experience than their wired counterparts. In an ideal …

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Network monitor 101: All about network monitors

Based on an industry survey by Gartner, network downtime for enterprises costs around $5,600 per minute, which is well over $300 thousand per hour on average.

With the increase in the number of organizations that have a sizable network …

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Why Windows service monitoring is vital for optimal network performance

A network service is an application running at the network application layer and above that provides data storage, manipulation, presentation, or communication. It is often implemented using client-server or peer-to-peer architecture based on application-layer network protocols. Windows services are critical …

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