OpManager Plus Enterprise edition

OpManager | September 1, 2023 | 3 min read

OpManager Plus is an all-in-one IT infrastructure management tool that helps enterprises monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their network infrastructure, servers, applications, firewalls, and virtual environments from a single console.

Enhanced by artificial intelligence and full stack observability, OpManager Plus enables IT teams to proactively identify and resolve issues before they affect end users, thus ensuring uptime and performance of critical business applications. With its extensive feature set, OpManager Plus is known for its reliability and it is a trusted solution for IT operations and network administrators who need complete visibility and control over their complex IT environments.

When enterprises grow, they are bound to spread their roots to other geographical locations and embrace a distributed network, which results in a globally distributed servers and networks. As the networks are spread out geographically, an IT admin might find it tedious and difficult to oversee them all and ensure their availability.

What’s needed in these situations is an IT operations management tool, one that can manage all the remote sites via a unified console and provide a single dashboard to monitor the entire infrastructure.

OpManager Plus Enterprise edition: An expandable IT operations management tool that scales with your network  

Enterprise editions of ManageEngine products are tailor-made for monitoring globally distributed networks—and OpManager Plus Enterprise edition is no exception. With its Central-Probe architecture, OpManager Plus Enterprise edition can scale along with your growing networks and monitor multiple remote sites from a central unified console.

If an enterprise has many remote sites, they can install the probes in multiple locations to monitor all those sites. If the enterprise has no remote sites, but has a large-scale network that includes many devices, they can still install multiple Probes in one location to deal with scalability issues and to reduce server load.

Let’s take a quick look into the Central-Probe architecture of OpManager Plus’ Enterprise edition.

Central: The Central server acts as the main hub of the network monitoring system, collecting and processing data from various probes, and presenting that data in a central unified dashboard.

Probe: Probe servers, on the other hand, are remote servers that are deployed in different locations across the globe. They act as polling engines to monitor and collect data about devices within the network.

The data collected by the Probe servers is then combined with the data collected by the Central server to provide a comprehensive view of the entire network. Overall, the Central and Probe servers work together to provide organizations with real-time visibility into their networks and help them identify and resolve issues before they cause downtime or other problems.

Organize and streamline distributed network monitoring with OpManager Plus Enterprise edition

OpManager Plus is a capable and accomplished unified management console on its own. With OpManager Plus Enterprise edition, you can spread the goodness of OpManager Plus to your branches around the globe. You can now monitor the network infrastructure, bandwidth, logs, virtual machines, and IP addresses of your distributed network from a single dashboard. The unified console of OpManager Plus Enterprise edition can be beneficial for an enterprise in the following ways.

Keep up with your ever-growing network  

As we’ve seen earlier, scalability is a well-known issue in networking. And as a network environment evolves, it will inevitably mutate into a distributed network—which the Central-Probe architecture of OpManager Plus Enterprise edition is specifically designed to deal with. Add more probes as your network grows, sit back and monitor from the unified console, and manage multiple remote branches without breaking a sweat.

Enhance visibility with a unified console  

OpManager Plus’ unified console provides a consolidated view of all the monitored data collected across the network. It also enables you to control the Probes and discover new devices at a remote branch via the Central server’s UI.

Maintain absolute vigilance with unified network management

OpManager Plus Enterprise edition eradicates the need to purchase multiple specialized monitoring tools to monitor your entire network. It not only monitors, but can manage an entire network alone—it’s capable of performance management, configuration management, network security management, and fault management on its own. With the new OpManager Plus Enterprise edition, you can do the following and much more:

  •  Detect network faults and notify network administrators before escalation.

  • Analyze bandwidth and traffic to help IT teams identify network congestion and bandwidth usage.

  • Analyze your firewall logs and gain critical network intelligence about attempted security breaches and attacks from viruses, denial of service, etc.

  •  Gain visibility and control over the network infrastructure, applications, servers, and virtual machines, regardless of the complexity or scale of the network.

Learn the astounding capabilities of OpManager Plus Enterprise edition by scheduling a live demo or by downloading a free, 30-day trial right away!