OpManager MSP Edition Released

Believe it or not, we have just released the MSP Edition of OpManager. And you are the first ones to know about it. Checkout http://msp.opmanager.com for more details.

Special thanks to our BETA CUSTOMERS who have been evaluating our [not-so-smooth] …

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Network manager at an ISP

Marco campos works as a network manager at an ISP. He downloaded one of our software sometime back and last week i mailed him to check how he is using it. Though marco is not using the software, he replied …

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Server virtualization tips by Jason Powell

Jason, an OpManager user and Technology Director at Granger Community Church writes in his blog about his latest experiment – server virtualization. He is going to run a bunch of apps from a single physical server and multiple virtual …

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Management tips for running a customer support organization

No matter how good your customer support folks are, the quality would still nose dive if there’s no management buy-in. If you are heading a customer support organization, the following tips are for you.

Six tips for running a well-oiled …

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Tips for writing customer support emails that work

Seth Godin’s post bits are free created quite a lot of activity inside our team. Following that post I analyzed close to 700 support emails to see whether the quality of support has taken a hit or not. Here are …

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OpManager MSP Edition – Top questions so far

Thought i will compile the list of top questions that our early customers have been asking so far.

1. Can i monitor devices from multiple-customers with one probe? (Assuming that i have either a VPN connection or the devices

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Whats needed to run a successful MSP business?

Affordable software? Right pricing model? Efficient team? Some help from God? Couple of BIG customers? Adopting the right technology? Avoiding age old contracts? Carefully written down SLAs?

May be they are all important; in the sense they help you stay …

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Switching from trusted advisors to MSP

For long, SMBs have relied on VARs and System Integrators for technical guidance. In 2005 SMBs spent $200billion on IT and without a doubt these spendings have a greater influence of the VAR/SI. When both the hardware and software vendors …

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Remote network management tops managed services list

MSPAlliance does a good job of surveying hundreds of managed service providers and publishing the key insights. Here’s one such report on the type of managed services offered by the MSPs.…

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