ESXi server monitoring e-book

Companies are looking to virtualization as an alternative to traditional on-premises data centers for two major reasons:

  • Physical data centers incur huge capital and operational expenses on companies and also have scalability and accessibility limitations.

  • On the other hand, virtualization has given companies a competitive edge in the market by reducing their IT expenses greatly while improving agility and efficiency. Moreover, the post-pandemic world has pulled more companies into virtualization, as it helps facilitate remote work.

VMware ESXi: A proven virtualization leader

When it comes to virtualization, VMware ESXi, the leading bare-metal hypervisor model, is considered the go-to solution for many companies around the world.

 With VMware ESXi, you can virtualize the most resource-intensive applications and perform the same work of a data center with limited hardware.

However, virtualization does not mean your network will be free of challenges.

How do you keep your ESXi host and VMs in good health?

You choose virtualization to the traditional on-premises data center to optimize your business productivity while improving efficiency, but mismanagement of virtual resources can lead to reduced performance, application failure, and even data loss, which can have long-term consequences.

Often, these issues arise due to failures in managing VMs and data and poor planning in resource allocation.

To address the most common challenges, we have included some of the best practices in our latest e-book, which, when implemented, can protect your virtual environment.

Inside this e-book, you’ll find:

  • Effective ways to avoid VM sprawl—a major threat to any virtual network.

  • Data backup management principles.

  • Capacity planning and efficient resource utilization steps.

Grab a free copy of our best practices e-book and draw practical insights to combat issues proactively.

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