Do you or your peers regularly vent about how tiring IT monitoring is due to tons of data, multiple sets of NPM tools, and poor integration methods? EMA, a leading IT research firm, has released a new white paper titled “Network Performance Management Requirements of Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprise” that provides insights on overcoming network monitoring hassles by choosing an NPM solution that checks all the right boxes. It also highlights the key capabilities of ManageEngine OpManager and summarizes why OpManager is an ideal NPM solution. Download the white paper.

The underlying issues in data management 

According to the report, many network admins struggle with up to a half-dozen NPM tools, typically with half of those going mostly unused. This is ineffective since enterprises spend a lot of money on these tools only to find them superfluous.

With data being distributed on cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, sysadmins find it difficult to correlate it all, and often end up with a sea of raw, useless data. On a broader scale, this translates to misinformation, decreased productivity, increased network issues, and infuriated end users.

The NPM solution outlook

At present, the IT market sees a lot of NPM tools that promise to render peerless network monitoring at a cheap price. However, these tools often fail to deliver. When shopping for an NPM solution, users often settle for open source tools, just to cut down on cost. This affects them in the long run, because open-source tools compromise a lot on quality. Given the current state of corporate environments, EMA predicts that enterprises are looking for a consolidated NPM solution to more quickly and comprehensively monitor network infrastructures.

The EMA perspective on OpManager 

Unlike other NPM tools, OpManager can correlate multiple data sources and can render stable network performance without compromising on quality. EMA’s high regard for OpManager is evident:

“ManageEngine OpManager is a good example of a unified, multi-function NPM platform that integrates with other ManageEngine products for a broader, tightly combined IT operation management suite.”

Try OpManager for free and see how it fits the role of an ideal NPM solution for your organization. You can also read the detailed white paper to learn about the must-haves in an NPM solution. Download the white paper here.