Is your IT budget too small to afford a world-class network monitoring solution? Well, not anymore. Introducing ManageEngine’s OpManager Standard Edition, with an unbelievable starting price of $245 for 10 devices.

The OpManager Standard Edition is an intuitive, flexible network and server monitoring solution developed especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). If you have big IT management goals but you are held back by a tight IT budget, the Standard Edition is the way to go. It offers a host of features derived from those included in OpManager’s Professional and Enterprise Editions—all at an accommodating price. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the pricing models ideal for your business at our store.

 The OpManager Standard Edition offers competitively lower costs as well as an enhanced network monitoring experience. It offers a ton of features such as bulk network discovery, multi-vendor SNMP/WMI/CLI-based network monitoring, intuitive user-specific and customizable dashboards, effective fault management (including alarm escalation and email/SMS notifications), intelligent reporting, integrations, and more. Plus, plugins and add-ons are provided without the hidden charges levied by vendors of other network monitoring solutions in the market.

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 Here’s an overview of some features available in the OpManager Standard Edition.

 1. Bulk network discovery

Discover your servers and network devices in bulk using a range of IP addresses or CSVs. This minimizes the time required to start monitoring your network. With quick deployment that doesn’t require much time to get OpManager up and running, you receive an expedited return on your investment.

 2. Support for multi-vendor network monitoring 

Receive support for most IT equipment vendors in the market out of the box. This means you’ll experience efficient, hassle-free monitoring of your multi-vendor network environment from a single console.

3. SNMP, WMI, and CLI monitoring

Easily monitor and gain insights on various performance metrics. The OpManager Standard Edition supports monitoring via SNMP, WMI, and CLI, so you can choose what performance metrics you want to monitor.

4. Custom and user-specific dashboards

Obtain relevant performance data information through a user-specific, customizable dashboard. Dashboards are important for visualizing the performance of your servers and network devices. The information displayed via dashboards should be clutter free, insightful, and actionable so that any network issue can immediately be recognized and resolved.

The Standard Edition offers customizable dashboards with over 180 widgets so you can choose to present relevant performance information to each user for easy and effective network monitoring and management.

5. Business views

Group, visualize, and monitor the status and availability of a set of network devices or servers based on their geographic location. This helps you stay on top of what’s happening in your networks 24×7, including in corporate offices and data centers across the globe.

6. Fault detection and alert escalation

Identify and resolve network issues before they take down your network or other critical services. The multi-level threshold-based alerting system in the Standard Edition alerts you to any network issues based on the pre-configured thresholds for a monitored performance parameter. This way, you can proactively monitor your network and get notified at each stage of a network error until it is resolved. Plus, built in notification profiles let you receive alerts via email, SMS, sound alarms, logging trouble tickets, etc. This ensures your network engineers are notified of network issues instantly.

 7. Third-party integration 

Integrate easily with ServiceNow ITSM to tackle and troubleshoot network issues with automated fault management and simplified asset management capabilities. The OpManager Standard Edition helps you effectively track network issues and the status of the associated devices until the issue is resolved.

8. Plug-ins and add-ons

Broaden the horizon of what you can monitor with a host of plugins and add-ons that complement built-in network and server monitoring functionalities native to the Standard Edition. These plugins and add-ons enable application monitoring, network traffic and bandwidth monitoring, firewall log management, network configuration management, IP address and switch port management, etc.  

For more information on what’s offered in the Standard Edition, view a detailed comparison between our Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

Still not convinced? There’s more!

We’re committed to delivering a customer-centric, high-performance network monitoring solution at an affordable price with zero compromise on quality. As a result, ManageEngine has garnered more than a dozen IT operations and infrastructure management sector awards.

 The Standard Edition of OpManager has been developed with the same recipe of success as the Professional and Enterprise Editions. It’s built with the right mix of contemporary and legacy components to propel your business to the next level of IT operations management.

What are you waiting for? Discover the benefits of using the OpManager Standard Edition in your organization by evaluating a free, 30-day trial. Download now.