2010. Question Everything.

OpManager | December 31, 2009 | 2 min read

It’s that last day of the year when everyone gets into retrospection mood (atleast for the first half of the day before we head out to the wildest party of the year).  So before we call it a day and a year here at OpManager, here’s a quick 2009 retro: 4 major OpManager service pack releases, a Network Configuration Management Plug-in, real-time performance graphs, network monitoring failover, 64-bit support, the VMware Technology Alliance Partnership, our Distributed Edition winning over many huge enterprise networks like Lloyds TSB’s and Arkadin’s, a customizable dashboard that’s making OpManager fans everyday.. I’ll stop myself here or it will be 2010 already! If you are interested in a detailed list do check out our Read Me page.

While many think of 2009 as the year that saw a lot of job losses, budget freezes and worry-lines, there are a lot of us who used the opportunity to make even faster profits; striking off unproductive expenditure, multi-tasking and implementing new technologies(cloud-computing, virtualization, datacenter consolidation etc). It all came down to whether one was bold enough to question expensive status quo and from there dare to explore and implement. Like the Knight in Indiana Jones Last Crusade who said: “You must choose. But choose wisely.” For as the True Grail will bring you life — the False Grail will take it from you.”

I’ll sign off with our best customer testimonial of 2009 and a short ManageEngine video which we hope will prod you to ask questions, save costs and make yourselves a whole new, refreshing 2010. Wishing all our readers a 2010 that’s peaceful and prosperous.

 “…There is a greater ROI with OpManager than with the other more costly monitoring systems like Tivoli, OpenView or SCCM’s Operations Manager. Not to mention the ease of installation and configuration as compared to OpenView or Tivoli …”

– David Henry, System administrator, AOSmith Electrical Products Company