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OpManager | April 25, 2006 | 1 min read

How would you feel if your server crashes after you spend 4 hours configuring say the five hundred or so devices in your network into the OpManager’s mind?

I can’t find a word to describe how someone would feel at that moment and even if i did i fear i can’t write it down here. Man it should be really disappointing to the core. More than the data i worry for the man hours wasted in configuring those devices. Doing it all over might be good for kids play but not in IT.

Now there a cool solution to this frustrating issue. When you setup OpManager you also install a remote backup client into the server and configure it to automatically backup the configuration files and the mysql data into a server in AdventNet’s datacenter. Everyday you receive email alerts on whether the backup was successful or not. And one fine day when your server crashes for any reason you need not panic but simply restore the conf files and mysql data into a FRESH installation of OpManager. Bingo you get back your original settings and the data in less than 10 minuetes. Guranteed.

Now does that sound cool? If so help me in testing it to see how the backup performs when theres a lot of parallel connections and heavy flow of data.

Send me an email expressing your wish to be part of this pilot project team.

Next time your server crashes – just smile – it takes just 10minutes to restore everything!