You can now manage network configurations with OpManager MSP!

According to ABC News, there has been a 600% rise in security intrusions during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is expected to double before 2025. In many circumstances, admins and technicians either intentionally or unintentionally play a part in the process of derailing the organization’s strategy for success. In order to prevent such mishaps, MSPs need a recovery plan to recuperate from any unfortunate accidents or cyberattacks. 

To build an effective recovery plan, the security of your clients’ networks has to be tightened up in terms of providing access to users and complying with industry policies, as failing to do so can make your client’s network liable to potential security risks. For instance, giving an operator access to all crucial data of all clients, including data they don’t need, or using non-compliant software can seem harmless, but can be incredibly damaging to your organization’s security posture. 

On top of this, faulty configuration changes can result in devices breaking down or unplanned outages, putting you as an MSP in a tight spot. This is why a multiclient network management strategy requires holistic configuration and compliance management to be foolproof and seamless.

Multiclient network configuration and compliance management: Things you should know

The multiclient network configuration and compliance management game is vital and equally fragile, which is why it’s important to be aware of a few points before you start:

  • MSPs should track configuration changes around the clock, as this is one of the crucial elements in fault management. This step can help you foresee what a configuration change can do to your clients’ networks.

  • The tool used for configuration management should be well equipped to help you bounce back from network downtime with the help of orderly, maintained configuration backups.

  • Data shows that it can take up to 51 days to recover from a network attack if it was carried out by a malicious insider, which is why you need to be careful in providing access. Users should be given access only to essential resources using role-based access control.

  • As an MSP, you should periodically check if your multiclient networks are compliant with minimum industry standards. This can help you easily manage compliance and fortify your network from security attacks.

Streamline multiclient network configuration and compliance management with OpManager MSP’s new NCM add-on

Handling your clients’ configuration and compliance management efficiently requires a precise understanding of your clients’ networks, an effective strategy, the right level of balance between manual labor and automation, the ability to foresee multiclient network faults, and most importantly, a credible tool to back everything up. 

OpManager MSP’s new, exhaustive Network Configuration Manager (NCM) add-on makes configuration and compliance management easy. The image below illustrates how the OpManager MSP NCM add-on helps MSPs.

  • Gain centralized, real-time management of multi-client network configuration and compliance.

  • Revert faulty configuration changes in no time.

  • Eliminate unauthorized configuration changes.

  • Automate and schedule repetitive, rudimentary operations.

  • Carry out granular analysis with holistic reports.

  • Easily keep up with the latest compliance policies.

Looking for more information on what’s in store? Read more about this feature to gain in-depth knowledge on how it works and how it can contribute to your business growth. You can also try a free, 30-day trial for a hands-on experience.