Supported languages in OpManager MSP

ManageEngine OpManager MSP is a reliable solution solely developed to help managed service providers with monitoring client networks and servers exhaustively. It has a wide range of out-of-the box features to help MSPs in their multi-client network monitoring journey.

 The ManageEngine team works hard to make products that cater to the needs of MSPs, which is why OpManager MSP undergoes regular improvements, because even the most feature-rich tools need tune-ups every now and then. These continuous feature updates not only help MSPs scale up their multi-client network management game plan, but also helps them stay a step ahead of the competition and deliver world-class services to their clients.

What’s new in OpManager MSP?

OpManager MSP is now available in nine more languages, widening its scope to a larger audience. Managed service providers can now access OpManager MSP in Dutch, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, and Finnish.

Switching languages in OpManager MSP is easy and can be done in only a few simple steps. Visit this page to learn how to change languages, see the languages that are currently available, and stay updated on other languages that ManageEngine plans to add down the road.

New to OpManager MSP and looking to learn more? Try a free, 30-day trial of OpManager MSP. This can help you see firsthand how it works and how to use this solution to boost the growth of your business!