Startup and running configuration management

Configurations are considered the heart of network infrastructure. They are often adjusted to improve the overall workflow of the network environment. One small unnecessary change to a configuration can bring down an enterprise’s entire network infrastructure. Therefore, the changes …

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[E-book] Top 4 best practices for compliance management

It’s better to avoid manual handling of compliance management in a large network enterprise for two major reasons:

  1. If a device is non-compliant, admins may face heat and tremendous management overload, because their enterprise could be fined heavily and the

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Configuration change management process best practices

Nowadays, with growing infrastructure and increased complexity, it’s near impossible to manage configuration changes manually. Let’s look at an example scenario. Imagine you are the network admin of a large enterprise network handling 5,000 devices. You cannot remember the configuration …

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Checksum: How does it ensure security for your vital data?

A checksum is small code of computed information that deals with data integrity and security. It is vital for huge data files (in gigabytes) being downloaded from any online site. It checks whether the downloaded file is missing any bytes …

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6 must-have features in network configuration management

Network configuration management is a function that comprises assortment, monitoring and storage of information about every component that forms a network. The true purpose of such a solution is to come alive in time of any eventuality; it could be …

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Network automation tools

“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

A network, as we all know, is the connection of multiple devices to share information between them. While it’s a major task to manually manage every device …

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