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How to comply with the GDPR if you’re already ISO 27001-compliant

Most GDPR articles outline the methods you must employ to ensure compliance while collecting personal data from EU citizens. The security requirements for protecting and processing personal data are outlined in the latter part of the GDPR, whereas the major …

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Webinar: How to manage access to personal data under the GDPR

One of the GDPR’s most important security requirements is that organizations must deploy technical measures to track who accesses personal data. If your organization is gearing up for the GDPR, be sure to verify that the permissions to access and …

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How ISO 27001 helps you comply with the GDPR

ISO 27001 is a set of information security best practices designed to help organizations ensure all confidential data and critical resources in their network are secure. It brings three major components together—people, processes, and technology—to identify and reduce security risks. …

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Our new privileged identity management suite is now available!

Yes! We just launched our new privileged identity management (PIM) suite, an enterprise-grade, all-inclusive solution that enables IT admins to discover, store, control, and monitor all privileged identities from a single, unified platform. Before we tell you more about …

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How SIEM can help with auditing and compliance

Recent cyber breaches and tighter compliance regulations are pushing businesses to invest more heavily in IT security. You and your organization may very well be in the process of assessing your defenses and planning a clear security strategy. If that’s …

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Uber’s latest data breach drives home GDPR lessons

After a relatively quick rise, the entire Uber empire is at risk of falling apart. Uber has already been spending a lot of resources on public relations, legal challenges, as well as marketing exercises to sustain growth in the European …

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Self-signed certificates: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Things often turn out great when you do them yourself. But when it comes to signing SSL certificates, you might want to give that DIY project a second thought. Before digging deep into the risks of using self-signed certificates, let’s …

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Taking stock of your security posture after the Equifax cyber breach

Equifax, a leading credit bureau, was victim to a massive cyber breach a few months ago. Given that the attack was one of the largest breaches of personal information in recent years, you’ve probably already heard about it. But if …

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Begin your GDPR journey with privileged access management

The core of the GDPR is all about data protection; specifically, securing EU citizens’ personal data. However, the GDPR does not explicitly state how to achieve this level of security. It doesn’t recommend any specific technologies to help organizations maintain …

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Getting to know the GDPR: The technical and organizational measures

Before we jump into the third part of this GDPR blog serieslet’s take a moment to think about a few questions. Such aswhy are compliance mandates necessary? Are they framed to just prevent data breaches?

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