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Simplifying security auditing, Part 3: Keeping insider threats in check 

Insider threats are on the rise. In fact, both administrators and average employees are among the biggest security threats in an organization. When it comes to security auditing, there are two areas you need to focus on: Active Directory …

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Simplifying security auditing, Part 1: Regularly reviewing server activity 

Everyone knows about the importance of log management in IT security. Yet, organizations struggle with implementing effective log management techniques in their networks. This blog series aims to revisit the fundamentals of log management and discuss the different security events …

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Network breach at Australian National University serves as a reminder about the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme 

Earlier this month, several news outlets reported that Australian National University’s (ANU) network was breached, allegedly by Chinese hackers. Although the official statement from ANU said that the threat was averted and no data was compromised, the breach serves as …

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How to leverage SIEM to meet the GDPR’s requirements

Today’s businesses run on data. From getting customer information for payment, processing employee information for payroll, using publicly available data for targeted advertising, to tracking people’s behavior for marketing, data has become the power center of organizations. But with this …

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Cyberattacks are coming—is your firewall ready?

In HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, the Seven Kingdoms had the Wall to keep out White Walkers, and for many generations, it did exactly that. But even the strongest fortifications can fall flat if improperly managed; like the Wall …

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Learn how to audit and secure your SQL and IIS servers

Virtually every business today depends on databases and web servers for daily operations. Since these business-critical applications deal with sensitive data, keeping them secure is a major priority—as a security professional, you need to carefully evaluate and implement security measures …

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Adopting a SIEM solution, Part 2: What should you consider when choosing a SIEM tool?

What should you consider when choosing a SIEM tool.

In part one of this two-part series, we discussed why organizations should adopt a SIEM solution to ensure network security. In this second part, we’ll be demystifying the critical capabilities of SIEM tools and show you what to consider …

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Adopting a SIEM solution, Part 1: Why choose SIEM?

Security threats are on the rise and hackers’ attack methods are becoming more sophisticated each day.

According to the recent Verizon Data Breach Report, “Sixty-eight percent of breaches took months or longer to discover, even though eighty-seven percent of the

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Is global expansion crippling your hold on network security?

Globalization and foreign investments have completely changed the way enterprises are run today. Enterprises are expanding geographically to diversify their risk portfolio, but this expansion hasn’t been linear. From mergers to buyouts, today’s enterprises have endless possibilities, which translates into …

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Free webinar on setting up critical security alerts in your environment 

Every security team relies on security alerts as indicators of compromise (IOCs). Effectively detecting and responding to threats is a crucial aspect of several regulatory mandates and is fundamental in mitigating data breaches.

Configuring security alerts requires some considerations, such …

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