One expired security certificate leaves millions of smartphones offline

Yes, you read the headline right. And no, this outage isn’t the first of its kind. Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, joins the list of organizations that have caused huge service outages for customers because of one

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Firewall Analyzer enhancements that fire up your firewall devices

The Firewall Analyzer team is constantly working on enhancements to improve its product offering. Here’s an overview of all the new vendors, log formats, and reports supported by Firewall Analyzer.

1. New supported vendor: F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

F5 …

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Industry best practices for endpoint security

Lately, hackers on the lookout for vulnerable systems have kept the IT industry busy. While various OS and software vendors strive to keep their users’ data intact by providing timely updates, manually securing endpoints by applying these updates is challenging …

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Simplifying security auditing, part 6: Compliance and the cloud

In part 5, we looked at auditing your network device logs. A decade ago, security professionals were primarily concerned about network perimeter and endpoint security. While those concerns are still valid, technological advancements have created new scenarios that need …

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Simplifying security auditing, part 5: Detecting network attacks

Anyone trying to access resources in your network needs to interact with your network devices: firewalls, routers, switches, and IDS/IPSs. Each of these devices generate syslogs that contain important security information and must be audited to gain complete visibility into …

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Chrome’s removing the “Secure” label from HTTPS sites—but why? 

Gone are the days when the green “Secure” label stood to distinguish legitimate websites from potentially malicious ones. Shortly after marking all HTTP sites with a “Not Secure” badge earlier this year, Google has now stepped up to remove …

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Simplifying security auditing, Part 3: Keeping insider threats in check 

Insider threats are on the rise. In fact, both administrators and average employees are among the biggest security threats in an organization. When it comes to security auditing, there are two areas you need to focus on: Active Directory …

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Simplifying security auditing, Part 1: Regularly reviewing server activity 

Everyone knows about the importance of log management in IT security. Yet, organizations struggle with implementing effective log management techniques in their networks. This blog series aims to revisit the fundamentals of log management and discuss the different security events …

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Network breach at Australian National University serves as a reminder about the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme 

Earlier this month, several news outlets reported that Australian National University’s (ANU) network was breached, allegedly by Chinese hackers. Although the official statement from ANU said that the threat was averted and no data was compromised, the breach serves as …

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