Firefox add-on outage: Yet another reminder for companies to enforce PKI life cycle automation

More often than we’d like to admit, we tend to underestimate the impact of every moving part within an organization—especially those that seem small or insignificant. And usually, it’s not until we’re facing the fallout of neglecting that seemingly insignificant …

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One expired security certificate leaves millions of smartphones offline

Yes, you read the headline right. And no, this outage isn’t the first of its kind. Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, joins the list of organizations that have caused huge service outages for customers because of one

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Chrome’s removing the “Secure” label from HTTPS sites—but why? 

Gone are the days when the green “Secure” label stood to distinguish legitimate websites from potentially malicious ones. Shortly after marking all HTTP sites with a “Not Secure” badge earlier this year, Google has now stepped up to remove …

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Migrating HTTP to HTTPS: A top priority in 2018

Starting July 2018 with the release of Chrome browser version 68, Google Chrome will start marking all HTTP sites with a “Not secure” badge, even those that don’t deal with sensitive customer data. Google has been encouraging websites to move …

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Expired SSL certificate shuts down Oculus headsets around the world 

Thousands upon thousands of affected Oculus Rifts was the last thing Oculus VR—a division of Facebook Inc. and developer of the Oculus Rift—wanted to wake up to. But after letting just one SSL certificate expire, this was their reality.

On …

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Self-signed certificates: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Things often turn out great when you do them yourself. But when it comes to signing SSL certificates, you might want to give that DIY project a second thought. Before digging deep into the risks of using self-signed certificates, let’s …

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Will you survive the certificate war between Google and Symantec? ​

Google recently accused Symantec, one of the most prominent Certificate Authorities (CAs), of violating the trust internet users place in encrypted web communication. In his post in Google Groups on March 23, 2017, Google engineer Ryan Sleevi alleged that Symantec

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Simplified user certificate tracking with Key Manager Plus

Windows Active Directory (AD) is one of the most widely used administrative models among enterprises. User management in AD is smooth when there are only a few users, but as the number of users grows, problems start to arise

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Upgrading SSL certificates should be at the top of your year-end to-do list

The year is quickly coming to a close, and it’s that time again for IT administrators to prepare a list of tasks to complete before the new year begins. If you are one such administrator, or a webmaster managing public …

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