Monitor your firewalls on the go with Firewall Analyzer’s mobile app

The number of cybersecurity events faced by companies and businesses across the globe has grown exponentially since the pandemic began. Without adequate network security monitoring practices and around-the-clock monitoring in place, the chances of a cyber incident happening are highly …

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Resolve network security issues efficiently with the Firewall Analyzer-ServiceDesk Plus integration

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer reviews firewall logs to capture network security threats. It generates alerts upon detecting security threats and attacks, and notifies you, the security administrator, in real time. You can configure alerts to be sent via email, SMS, and …

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Explore how the Firewall Analyzer add-on for OpManager can help you improve your network security!

Businesses worldwide need a stable network to ensure smooth operations. Guaranteeing network availability is important for uninterrupted IT operations. ManageEngine OpManager monitors network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines (VMs), printers, storage …

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Overcoming VPN bandwidth and capacity complications using Firewall Analyzer

As companies move towards a flexible, remote work environment, the demand for VPN services has increased considerably. This need to ramp up VPN infrastructures in such a short time comes with its fair share of operational problems and security concerns. …

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VPN 101: Streamline operations and ensure business continuity with the right VPN [ Free e-book ]

types of vpn

In the ever-evolving business landscape, remote work has become the new normal in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To maintain business continuity in such a volatile market, businesses are left with no choice but to roll out remote work …

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Working from home? Be sure to follow these security best practices [Free e-book]

Until now, a majority of enterprises and their employees have been safely protected by their office network’s robust security infrastructure. However, things have drastically changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, and enterprises have been forced to quickly shift to a work-from-home …

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How VPN bandwidth monitoring helps retain remote workforce productivity

VPN bandwith monitoring

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought businesses around the globe to their knees. To survive, organizations across verticals are rolling out work-from-home policies. And for effective remote working, it’s imperative to employ VPN connections, as they serve as a conduit …

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Rule impact analysis: A new dawn of firewall policy planning

A network security device is only as strong as its rules and policies. Firewalls can have rules for both inbound and outbound information. Inbound rules are meant to stop mischievous content from getting to your computer; whereas, outbound rules protect …

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Firewall Analyzer enhancements that fire up your firewall devices

The Firewall Analyzer team is constantly working on enhancements to improve its product offering. Here’s an overview of all the new vendors, log formats, and reports supported by Firewall Analyzer.

1. New supported vendor: F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

F5 …

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