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Road to better Enterprise IT Security leads to – ME Euro Roadshow 2008


AdventNet ManageEngine is hosting Roadshows in countries across the European Union.

If security of your enterprise IT infrastructure is your concern, then you must visit ME Euro Roadshow 2008.

We are available in your town. Feel free to seek …

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Insight into Internal Security Threat

Do you need to worry? May be. 

Startling revelations make you to sit up and take note. Yes, the issue is about the insider security threat to your enterprise network. You have to trust your staff, as they are

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EventLog Analyzer buzz at Interop Las Vegas 2008!

The ManageEngine Booth at the Interop Las Vegas 2008 was abuzz with activity.

You can see one of the esteemed EventLog Analyzer customer visiting the booth. They were happy with the product and the level of support (definitely AdventNet forte) …

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EventLog Analyzer showcased in Interop Las Vegas 2008!

AdventNet ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Are you going to be there at the Interop Las Vegas 2008? EventLog Analyzer 5 will be show cased at booth number 2319. Feel free to drop in. For details about the product, contact Mr Karthik VJ. He will be there to help you.

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Application Log Support

Introductions first, my name is Karthik, I am part of Eventlog Analyzer development team. I call myself as ‘The Experimenter’(ok, that is not so cool as the Terminator and its likes, but that’s me), I meddle with the application all

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compliance! Compliance! COMPLIANCE!

In the era of increased data security threat from both outside and inside of your enterprise, you need to be proactive in your approach.  On the government’s side, it wants to ensure the enterprise IT operations are regulated for the

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EventLog Analyzer Provides Support For PCI Audits

With the September 2007 deadline for all businesses handling card holder information to subscribe to PCI DSS, we are seeing a strong demand for EventLog Analyzer.

View Sample PCI Audit Report

EventLog Analyzer provides specific compliance audit reports …

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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer SP 3 (Build 4030) Released!

We are happy to announce the availability of ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Service Pack 3 (Build 4030).

To get the complete build (4030) follow the below URL.


Customers using earlier builds of EventLog Analyzer, please download the Service Pack 3 …

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RSA Conference 2007 – Free Expo Pass Available

We are happy to inform you that we are taking part in the upcoming RSA Conference 2007, to be held between Feb 5-9, Moscone Center, San Fransico.

Visit us at Booth #2147

Existing customers, please get in touch with support@eventloganalyzer.com

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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer SP2 (Build 4020) Released!

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Service Pack 2 (Build 4020) has been released. With this release we have obliged to many of our customers who had requested us to provide facility to import their already collected windows event log files (in .evt …

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