Do you need to worry? May be. 

Startling revelations make you to sit up and take note. Yes, the issue is about the insider security threat to your enterprise network. You have to trust your staff, as they are part and parcel of you enterprise. After all they are the one who is running the show. The issue is very delicate to tread. A recent article published in Times of India news paper, the results a IT security survey, reveals that 33% of IT people snoop in the sensitive enterprise data and approximately 50 % of the people accessed information not releavant to their roles. Abused confidential data ranges from board meeting minutes to salary details of colleagues. The privileged users or any user who can get the privileged user credentials have the chance of snooping your enterprise data. Lack of pro-active security policy or its non-implementation like, not changing the administrative passwords at regular intervals makes thing worse. It leads to information access even by your ex-employess.   

Is it a wake up call? Yes.

Hence, it is time for you to take a fresh look at the internal security. Be pro-actively secured. Devise strong security policy and ensure it is fully implemented. Analyze the risk and mitigate it. You should also ensure that there is a mechanism in place to monitor the activities of the privileged users. The monitoring should not obstruct day to day activity, should not be obviously intrusive, and above all it should be in real-time. With this monitoring you will be able to assess the threat posed by various snooping activities. Then, you can employ appropriate means to mitigate the risk. You can formulate stricter security policies, restrict administrative user prvilileges to specific people, etc.  

What is the way out? EventLog Analyzer.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer offers a comprehensive solution for privileged user monitoring.

EventLog Analyzer application carries out real-time monitoring of the user access to various enterprise resources. On occurence of an event specified by you, an alert will be triggered and will notify by Email or other means. It provides extensive reports and trends on user activities. There is much more, Compliance Reports, Archiving and Searching logs for forensic analysis and trouble shooting, etc.

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