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IT Manager /CXO of an enterprise are responsible to manage all IT infrastructure of an enterprise. This includes a vigorous update on the status of various security threats posed by internal users in their enterprise, and have a vital eye

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Do you know about Mouse gestures on Eventlog Analyzer v.6?

Simple user-friendly features make our application as one of the most preferred one in the market.  Here, in this blog, we shall be posting on such user friendly features available in our product, which should sound simple and straight forward. …

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Security Software Spending and Uncertain Times of Economy

The Economic Condition

After the down slide of US economy, there is lull now. Even the noted economist are not sure which way it will turn. Even in the uncertain economic times, the IT security cannot be compromised. It is …

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Security Vs Operational efficiency – Striking the balance with productive tools

Running through my daily read lists, while on Network World Asia I came across the featured article ‘How to maintain security without increasing the operational load on IT staff‘ by Joe Golden an IT manager. Golden’s pain points …

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Best Practices in Log Management for Effective Compliance

Compliance is vital for any enterprise not merely to adhere to various regulatory/industry frameworks but also to mitigate the risks attached to corporate IT assets. Enterprises failing to comply not only face penalties from the regulatory bodies but also risk …

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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Voted First Runner-Up in WindowSecurity.com Readers’ Choice Awards

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer was selected first runner-up in the Event Log Monitoring category of the WindowSecurity.com Readers’ Choice Awards. 


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Automate Compliance Log Management

Those who deal with log auditing and reporting for compliance requirements know they have a critical task to process. Watch this video to understand the various regulatory compliance requirements for log management. We talk about PCI, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA …

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Windows Vista and 2008 server Events

Windows 2008 servers have been around for about 10 months now and chances are they have made their way into your IT department. Many among you would be aware of the changes that have been introduced in Vista and Win2k8

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Relax! It is Easy to Abide by the Government Act for Network Security!!

When it is a matter of network security, be pro-active. Do not wait for compliance regulation or statutory government legislation.

But, once a regulatory body of your domain formulates compliance acts, you should ensure that your network is secured and …

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Have some fun with the toonz

Want to know more about Privileged User Threat? Refer EventLog Analyzer.

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