There are plenty of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions on the market with various features and capabilities. So why should you pick Log360? We have identified 13 compelling reasons Log360 is the SIEM solution for you.

  #1: You get complete visibility  into your IT environment

Visibility is not just about collecting all the logs. Your security team is looking for answers to specific questions: what, when, where, and how. A SIEM solution should be able to provide these answers in the right context. It is also imperative that your security team gets visibility into critical issues and threats in real time, without being overwhelmed by too many alerts or false positives.

 Log360 provides meaningful insights by collecting, parsing, and analyzing logs from over 750 log sources, from switches to IDPS to endpoints, covering your entire network. With over 1,000 canned reports, real-time security analytics, a high-speed search engine that processes 25,000 logs per second, and prioritized real-time alerts, Log360 ensures 24/7 network monitoring and complete visibility.

#2: You can detect threats by implementing the MITRE ATT&CK® framework 

The most commonly used framework for detecting threats and assessing risks is the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and Log360 understands it. Log360 translates MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques into predefined alert profiles and analytics reports. The security analytics component of Log360 maps the events with the attack detection techniques.

 Often, an attacker may deploy several techniques at once. In that case, you can logically group the techniques related to a single actor into a single incident. The security dashboard offers a holistic view of all related logs from your network, facilitating thorough investigation. Log360’s incident management console effectively manages incidents and shortens incident resolution times.

 #3: You receive actionable threat intelligence updates every day

Threat intelligence (TI) plus SIEM is a powerful combination for hunting and mitigating security threats. TI adds context to log data, helping you identify high-risk cyberattacks and mitigate them in time. Log360 comes with a preconfigured TI console that receives daily updates from trusted third-party threat databases.

 What does Log360 do with threat feeds? It correlates threat feed data with the events occurring in your network and notifies the security team at the very first sign of malicious contact. Rest assured that Log360 exposes external threats in real time.

  #4: You gain a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) functionality  

Behavior analytics are machine-learning-based systems that analyze user activity patterns to identify risks. Since they do not conform to set rules, these systems can perceive what traditional rule-based systems may fail to detect. According to Gartner, next-generation SIEM solutions need behavior analytics to complement rule-based analytics. In light of this, Log360’s UEBA add-on is an extremely useful capability.

 Log360’s UEBA add-on integrates an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm with a risk management module. It learns the behavior of every user and entity and creates a baseline profile. Every time a user or entity exhibits behavior that deviates from their baseline, Log360 identifies the anomaly and increases their risk score. When high-risk events are detected, Log360 alerts the security team. Log360 leverages behavior analytics to identify malicious insiders, compromised accounts, cases of data exfiltration, and anomalous entity behavior.

 #5: You can automate incident response actions to mitigate high-risk security threats

Timely response to threats and breaches is crucial to upholding your organization’s security posture. While thoroughly investigating a security incident takes time, the first-level response should be immediate. This is similar to administering first aid, the essence of which is damage control. Log360 ensures this with automated incident response.

 Log360 lets you predefine action plans for security incidents through scripts and a range of useful prebuilt workflows, including Log off and Disable user, Kill Process, and Stop Service. For example, if a compromised system is detected, Log360 cuts off the attacker from your network with a workflow that logs off and disables the compromised user account.

  #6: You can choose between in-product incident management or integration with ITIL® tools

While detecting incidents is one thing, resolving them in an organized manner is entirely another. Log360 lets you assign tickets to technicians, track their statuses, and resolve them with a built-in ticketing tool. You can even automate ticket assignment with rules.

 Do you already have a ticketing system in place? We have you covered. Log360 supports integration with several major ITIL tools, such as Zendesk, ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, and Jira Service Management. Either way, Log360 ensures your incident resolution process is streamlined. 

 #7: Log360 is in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM for the fifth time!  

Hear it from the industry experts themselves. Not every SIEM solution makes it, but Log360 has been positioned among the Niche Players in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM for the fifth time.

 According to Gartner, SIEM technology supports threat detection, compliance, and security incident management through the collection and analysis (both real-time and historical) of security events, as well as a wide variety of other events and contextual data sources.

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