Make IT service management more accessible. 

Bring your IT help desk directly to your users.

As much as service desk teams encourage use of their IT self-service portals, many end users still prefer the conventional method of calling the IT service desk team or walking in to report an IT issue. Although this solves the immediate problem, it reduces service desk efficiency and makes tracking tickets and other administrative tasks a nightmare for IT technicians. Now, with our integration between ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and Microsoft Teams, you can combine the best of IT service management with collaboration tools, and take your IT service desk where your users are!

The new ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app for Teams empowers your business users and IT technicians to do more with Microsoft Teams:

  • Handle your IT tickets without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

    • Accomplish a host of IT service desk management tasks, such as assigning, picking up, editing, deleting, and linking tickets—all from within Microsoft Teams.
  • Use the ServiceDesk Plus chatbot to fetch service desk information. 

    • Perform various service desk actions—like adding notes, as well as picking up, assigning, and closing tickets through actionable cards—within the chat window of ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Improve collaboration between IT service teams. 

    • Speed up resolution times by searching for and posting solutions from your ServiceDesk Plus knowledge base to your Microsoft Teams conversations right from within the conversation tab.

Start using ServiceDesk Plus with Microsoft Teams today.

Setting up the integration is seamless and takes just a few minutes. Enable it by installing the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app from the Microsoft Teams store.


Add the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app for Teams as a tab in your ServiceDesk Plus Cloud installation to access tickets in Microsoft Teams. The integration is available for free for all customers of the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus.

Find a detailed help document to assist you with the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud for Teams integration here.

Utilize the new ServiceDesk Plus Cloud for Teams integration to encourage adoption of your IT ticketing tool. Improve service desk efficiency and bring your IT service desk directly to your users.

Try out the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud integration with Microsoft Teams today!

We’d love to hear what you think about the new integration. Write to us at and stay tuned for future updates.

Jendra John
Marketing Analyst

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