SMBs strive on an everyday basis to increase customer loyalty and reduce operating costs. Often, they are hard pressed for resources with just a few IT admins managing several servers. As an IT admin in an SMB, you may have to keep tabs on all the Windows services running on your systems. And there might be several services running on multiple servers. So, how do you monitor all of them? You think getting a large monitoring solution is the only way to solve this problem? Not at all. Because with ManageEngine’s Free Windows Service Monitoring tool, you can manage your Windows services, across systems and geographies, from a single console. Here are three reasons why you’ll find this tool quite useful and interesting.

Monitor Multiple Windows Services

With the Free Windows Service Monitoring tool, you can monitor all built-in Windows services. Check it out right away and be amazed at how easy it is to monitor Exchange Server and SharePoint services. Not just that; you can use this free tool to manage other services like MySQL, MSSQL, and DHCP.

Configure Startup Options

This free tool is not just about monitoring; you can even configure the various services that are running on your system. You could start, stop, and restart the services. In addition, you can change the start-up type of the service to Auto, Manual, or Disabled.

Customize Service Monitoring

The Free Windows Service Monitoring tool allows you to add custom services, especially services that you want to monitor on priority. You could add up to five such services, besides the several services, such as MySQL or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), that are monitored by default. You can also choose to display the status of these services in a tabular format for better viewing. You will be able to view the status, the start-up type, and the authentication details of these services. You can also delete and add another Windows service to be monitored. Moreover, you don’t have to refresh the tool manually; the auto-refresh feature takes care of this. You only need to enter the time period in the Refresh Interval field for the refresh action to be automated.



With SMBs working toward optimizing their resources and delivering quality service to their customers, this free tool from ManageEngine is certainly a must-have. Its intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface will make it simple even for a rookie to monitor the Windows services, across multiple systems from a single console. The tool tips, displayed each time you position the cursor on a service, describes the importance of the service and the consequences of abruptly stopping it. Moreover, you don’t have to enter your credentials each time you start the tool; connection to the server is made and the services are populated on restart.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, download the free tool, and tell us how we can make IT better for you.

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