Group Policy (GPO) technolgy knowledgebase links

I should have bloged about this topic, bit earlier.. before discussing about the new Group Policy settings improvements in 2003 and Vista. Here are the some important and useful links to know about Group Policy technology and trends.


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Securing the Network from Removable storage

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 added lot of settings to Group Policy. Windows Vista is coming in with even more new settings to Group Policy. The number of Group Policy settings has increased from approximately 1,700 in Windows Server …

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User Login Tracking from Desktop Central

Here i’ll discuss various methodologies available or i’ve used for user login tracking.

The Lazy man’s way…

I love Kevin Weilbacher’s simple script which is available in his blog. It can say logon/logoff, machine name and date/time stamp. He has …

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Service Pack 2 for Desktop Central 4 released

Phew.. finally its out, the most awaited Service Pack 2 for Desktop Central is released :D. This service pack explicitly focuses on Active Directory Reports. You will have around 100 reports exclusively for Active Directory. This includes realtime User Logon …

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10 Important GPO security settings for Administrators

This blog is a reproduction of an article from Microsoft Technet Magazine, Spring 2005, titled ’10 Easy Ways To Lock Down Your Computer’ by Derek Melber. Derek is a contributing editor to many popular IT based web publications and co-author …

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Preventive Maintenance for hard disks in Desktop Central

In continuation to my earlier blog about improving the performance of desktops, this post has some information regarding the initiatives that Desktop Central had taken inline. Maintaining the desktops hard disks with proper disk cleanup, regular defragment for performance and …

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Improve your desktop’s performance

Here are the simple tips to improve your desktop’s performance using the builtin tools provided by Microsoft. This basically concentrates on Disk related operations. The basic tips given are

– Disk Check for detecting errors and repairing (because bad

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How big an Active Directory database can grow

Author: Desktop Central

I read this interesting blog by Eric in Technet blogs. It is about the Active Directory Data base size. Eric has done a test on the practical limits of Active Directory data base size. It seems he …

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Service Pack 1 released for Desktop Central 4

Service Pack 1 has been released for Desktop Central 4. I should say this as a feature pack, ‘cos this has lot of add on features included in it. Needless to mention that the SP1 has the fixes for the …

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