Getting Domain Admin User Account Details

Desktop Central is a configuration product so admin privilege is MUST to perform various desktop management activities such as remote configuration, software installation, etc. But will it be possible to get it in every scenario ? It is not an …

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Active Directory Delegation

Recently, I was involved in the Desktop Central delegated administration tests in the windows 2003 based domain. I tried this using native Microsoft delegation wizard tools. For some references i happened to read the official Microsoft 2003 delegation document.

It’s …

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Ten Tips to Effectively Manage Networked Desktops

As part of the team that is developing Desktop management product, Desktop Central, I am sharing here my learnings on Desktop management. While doing the research and analysis on the difficulty network administrators face managing desktops, I came across …

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Desktop Central now available for $245!!!

Desktop Central is available from $245 😀 , for managing 50 Desktops 8) . This new Desktop Central pricing strategy will be highly helpful and affordable for all small business units. This 50 desktops version will have all the functionalities …

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Remote Configuration, Execution Status

In my previous blog, I was mentioning about the importance of specifying the filters along with the targets list when defining the remote configuration. This topic is also related to remote configuration but about its Execution Status !

Just …

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Remote Configuration, Targets List

Rolling out a new configuration to windows desktops in a network is always time consuming and challenging one for IT Pros. First, correct configuration details to be decided (for example proxy server configuration needs server IP address and port number) …

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GPO – Best Practices

Group Policy Objects (GPO) Best Practices

I thought it would be interesting and useful to write about ‘GPO Best Practices’ as the first topic of the year. Microsoft recommends Active Directory and GPO for windows desktop management. GPO is made …

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New Year Wishes

I wish you all, a very Happy New Year 2006. Also, i’d like to Thank everyone, who make forums and blogs, a interesting place.

As a new year resolution, I’ll try to post here at least once a week and …

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Service Pack 1 Released

Author: Desktop Central

I remember reading in a magazine about the release schedule of server OSs from Microsoft. Before sharing you the MS schedule let me tell you about the Service Pack release of Desktop Central. 😉

Service Pack 1 …

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