MSPs primarily have two critical client IT management responsibilities: network monitoring and endpoint management. Traditional remote monitoring and management does not cut it in today’s heightened cybersecurity threat landscape. This is why it’s crucial for MSPs to develop a simplified, trusted process to increase their ROI and offer better services to their clients.

In this webinar, Erick Simpson, MSP thought leader and influencer, and Nisha Balajee, product marketer at ManageEngine, get together with ManageEngine’s trusted customers, Rudi Martins, enterprise architect at Datacentrix, and Haris Gkoutzigiannis, senior systems engineer at Cambrian Technologies, to discuss the common misconceptions about network monitoring and endpoint management.

This is a must-attend session for technical leaders where they’ll learn to re-strategize their client management processes and, more importantly, reduce service delivery labour and stress while improving staff satisfaction and morale.

During this session, we will:

  • Discuss the drawbacks of traditional network management strategies.

  • Learn about creating long-term strategic value with clients using ManageEngine solutions.

  • Cover steps on how to surpass client expectations and meet SLAs on time.

  • Engage in a panel discussion of MSP partners who will share their insights on how they are executing these strategies successfully.

Featured speakers

Erick Simpson, MSP expert, thought leader, and influencer

Nisha Balajee, technical evangelist, ManageEngine MSP solutions

ManageEngine MSP customers joining the panel discussion

Haris Gkoutzigiannis, senior systems engineer, Cambrian Technologies

Rudi Martins, enterprise architect, Datacentrix

Join us in uncovering a new functional, cost-effective strategy to step up your IT management game!

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