Remote work has been on the rise since 2005 and has seen over 159 percent growth in the past 12 years. And now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing widespread remote work as organizations across the globe close their offices and implement work from home policies in response to the virus.

“Ready or not, many coronavirus contingency plans require remote work,” says Gartner.

Businesses have long considered an impeccable remote work experience a key element of their contingency plans. Now, the ripple effects of COVID-19 are making remote work a necessity across all industries. In the IT department, that means supporting and troubleshooting employees’ remote computers. Here’s how ManageEngine Remote Access Plus can help you provide impeccable support for your remote employees.

Remote Access Plus: The go-to remote work arsenal

Organizations use multiple tools to address hiccups such as communication, collaboration, and troubleshooting issues while working remotely. Remote Access Plus takes an all-in-one approach to remote support, giving your employees a top-notch remote work experience.

1. Resolve issues at light speed anywhere, anytime

Gone are the days when a remote session has to be paused to transfer necessary files onto the target machines. Using our integrated file sharing tool, you can leverage the two-way file sharing function to share files during a live session. Our advanced remote screen sharing software helps you identify and troubleshoot multiple monitors connected to a computer simultaneously. Even after rebooting your system, you can resume remote sessions right where you left them.

2. Seamlessly collaborate with multiple communications options

Break down communication barriers with our built-in communication channels. Get complete details of the issue from the end user over text-based chat. If need be, initiate a voice/video call

These channels can be employed to communicate with fellow technicians and colleagues. Invite adept technicians to seek guidance while troubleshooting, and record the remote sessions for educational and auditing purposes. In addition, you have the liberty of shadowing other technicians and intervening when required.   

3. Ensure security and user privacy at all times

Securing your connection and respecting user privacy are important, whether or not the organization is working remotely. You can require the end user’s approval before initiating any remote session. You can also blacken the end user’s monitor and disable inputs from them as needed during a remote session. Remote Access Plus adheres to the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol.

4. Manage remote endpoints with zero hassles

Get a bird’s-eye view of the hardware and software inventory in your network. Keep a tab on the printers, shares, users, and groups. Also, you can dynamically manage Windows processes, services, and startup programs while troubleshooting. The complete registry can be controlled remotely, and you can execute commands remotely. Amp up the power efficiency of your network by implementing schemes to remotely shut down, wake, restart, lock, and hibernate endpoints.

5. Access intuitive insights and reports

Remote Access Plus’ Windows Event Viewer closely monitors all the events on a system and logs them. Just by taking a glance at the logs, you will be able to detect and analyze anomalies. At the click of a button, you will be able to export the remote session history and chat scripts.

With Remote Access Plus, bid adieu to remote work hitches!

Beyond question, COVID-19 has led to widespread remote work. With ManageEngine Remote Access Plus, you can redefine the rules of remote work. Grab the solution that can support your remote workforce at unbelievable prices, starting at $6.25 a month for five users.