Since its inception back in the 1980’s, Windows has faced frequent and significant changes. With Windows 10, Microsoft adopted a servicing model that made organizations rethink the way they deploy and upgrade Windows. Windows 10’s semiannual major OS upgrades, known as Windows 10 feature updates, have benefited end users in multiple ways—no more waiting for new features every couple of years, no need to purchase every new build, and no reason to worry whether your system is current and secure.

Did the servicing model make things easier for IT admins? Obviously not. Since Windows 10 feature updates are essentially full version upgrades, these updates are much larger than monthly cumulative updates. This thwarts all the efforts taken by organizations to conserve bandwidth. Another downside to this feature update is the prolonged installation time, which brings user productivity to a halt. Morever, we’ve seen a lot of unprecedented bugs introduced right after installing Windows 10 feature updates.

So, is installing the latest feature update worth all the hassle? There’s no denying that holding off on critical updates could potentially threaten your network security. Fortunately, there is a way out of this dilemma; Patch Manager Plus, our comprehensive patch management tool, can help you stay secure without having to compromise on productivity.

Streamline your Windows 10 feature update deployment using Patch Manager Plus

From scheduling updates at a convenient time to postponing reboots to non-production hours, Patch Manager Plus takes a cradle-to-grave approach when it comes to improving user productivity. Since Patch Manager Plus works on a client-server architecture model, update binaries are replicated directly from the server machine, alleviating bandwidth issues.

Remember the latest Windows 10 April 2018 update, which came with almost more flaws than features? Thanks to Patch Manager Plus, our customers were able to detect the bugs from the update—including black screen problems and recurring Chrome glitches—before their systems went haywire. With Patch Manager Plus, you can create test groups to test the stability of each Windows 10 feature update before rolling it out to your production environment. You can also automate Windows 10 feature pack deployment, along with other Windows updates, to save IT staff time and resources.

With a future-proof solution like Patch Manager Plus, your organization won’t have to worry about its dynamic Windows environment, giving you time to focus on what matters most.

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