Android malware: How do enterprises tackle this ever-growing menace?

Let us first agree on a couple of things before we start: One, Android is the most affordable platform for enterprises with a mobile-first/mobile-only workforce, and it has the smallest learning curve of any mobile OS. Two, due to its …

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Yet another malware attack: macOS now the target for security attacks

Mac usage, as you’ve probably seen in your workplace, has risen exponentially in enterprises. According to a Jamf survey, 74 percent of those who previously used a PC for work experience fewer issues now that they use a Mac. …

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Four simple ways to secure data in misplaced or stolen devices


In the modern era of mobility, corporate data is remotely accessed by employees around the clock through a variety of endpoints. Everything from customer data, user login details, and business-critical data might be accessed by employees remotely. As crucial as …

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The what, why, and how of mobile application management

According to the recently released Verizon Mobile Security Index 2019, 69 percent of respondents said that the risks associated with mobile devices have grown in the past year. Organizations are now working double time to secure their mobile devices …

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Seven ways to secure macOS deployments in your enterprise

macos security

Over the years, deployment of macOS devices in enterprises have grown exponentially in comparison to Windows PCs. Research has revealed the top reasons enterprises are adopting Macs: employee preference, reduced IT costs, and improved OS security.

From a survey …

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Agent Smith materializes from the matrix of Android malware

There’s a new shapeshifting strain of Android malware in the mix. It replaces legitimate apps with compromised ones and is imaginatively named Agent Smith after the iconic villain in The Matrix.

Yet another malware attack targeting Android—so what’s the

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Prevent downtime in your organization with Mobile Device Manager Plus

It goes without saying that downtime is bad for organizations—not only does it put business-critical data at risk and hamper employee productivity, but it also ends up costing organizations both resources and prospective revenue.

According to a CA Technologies survey …

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Mobile Device Manager Plus is here to make your service desk more efficient

On an average day, help desk technicians battle against forgotten passwords, never-ending updates, and misplaced devices. This incessant inflow of mundane tickets can allow business-critical issues to slip under technicians’ radar. What if there was a solution to reduce the …

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Brick and mortar meets mobile: Combining the best of both worlds

Retail being one of the first industries on the mobile-only/mobile-first bandwagon seems to have paid off, as nearly three-fourths of consumers now prefer self-service. One of the major advantages of self-service is its one-time setup; it requires minimal human …

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