“Software Update Available”—Deciding whether to install now or later

Every IT admin is familiar with the “Software Update Available” pop-up. This message comes up on our mobiles when we’re working, when we’re scrolling through social media, and even when we’re happily asleep. Some of us are eager beavers who

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Got Chromebooks? Mobile Device Manager Plus now supports those too!

Good news for all the enterprises that have jumped on the Chromebook bandwagon: we’ve expanded our endpoint management offering with support for Chrome OS. Mobile Device Manager Plus, our mobile device management solution, can now help IT departments of all …

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Protect your mobile devices from the Android.banker.A2f8a malware

Quick Heal Security Labs, an IT security firm, recently reported new Android malware by the name of Android.banker.A2f8a, which has the potential to infect more than 232 banking and cryptocurrency apps on Android mobile devices.

How does this Android Trojan

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New spyware, Skygofree, threatens Android users’ privacy

Skygofree malware

While Meltdown and Spectre are still causing chaos among IT departments, security researchers have discovered a new strain of malware for mobile devices. Named Skygofree, this new Android malware can spy on users by recording their audio, monitoring popular communication …

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Day-one support for iOS 11

When news of another OS release breaks, every user eagerly awaits the day they’ll be able to try out the new features. But a new OS can cause mixed feelings for IT admins, as they need to ensure that their …

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Troubleshooting mobile devices just got a lot easier

Do you ever feel like your smartphone is your sworn enemy? Like when you can’t access that one really important file or when that pesky app keeps crashing. Or what about that tedious, time-consuming installation process that never seems to …

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Using Azure Active Directory​? We’ve got you covered!

The world is moving to the cloud, and so are directory management systems. Microsoft’s own cloud-based directory system, Azure Active Directory (AD), simplifies identity and access management. Azure AD is the backbone of many cloud-based applications, like Office 365 and

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iOS 10.3: Same day support in Mobile Device Manager Plus

ios 10.3 support

With Apple iOS 10.3 now generally available to the public, users are set to experience many new features. Now, we’re excited to announce that Mobile Device Manager Plus supports iOS 10.3, the same day as its release.

Here’s a glimpse …

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Kick start mobile apps with ease using Managed App Configuration

Setting up apps can be frustrating, particularly when dealing with enterprise applications. We’ve all thought things like “What should I enter in this field?” or “I wish I could skip these installation steps!” at some point in time. Mobile

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