ios 10.3 support

With Apple iOS 10.3 now generally available to the public, users are set to experience many new features. Now, we’re excited to announce that Mobile Device Manager Plus supports iOS 10.3, the same day as its release.

Here’s a glimpse of the new iOS 10.3 features that are supported by Mobile Device Manager Plus:

  1. Wi-Fi network whitelisting:

For enterprises whose employees use public Wi-Fi—at airports, libraries, coffee shops, etc.—the stakes are high when it comes to device security. Open Wi-Fi networks can serve as a playground for hackers to infiltrate and exploit these devices and gain access to sensitive information. With the new update, administrators can restrict devices from joining unsecure Wi-Fi networks, and force them to only join wireless networks that have been approved by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

  1. Dictation restriction:

If you’re an iOS user, you’re probably familiar with its dictation feature, which converts speech to text. While convenient, this feature has its downsides in terms of privacy and data consumption. When voice dictation is enabled via Siri, Apple can store verbal commands, messages, and contacts on its servers for better speech-to-text efficiency. Also, voice text messaging requires an internet connection, which can generate extra cellular charges. With the new update, administrators can use Mobile Device Manager Plus to restrict this feature on iPhones or iPads.

  1. Added security commands:

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, administrators can remotely shutdown or restart devices running iOS 10.3. This can be useful in many situations. Take for example a store that runs their iPads in kiosk mode to use a specific app to procure customer information and feedback. Administrators can use Mobile Device Manager Plus to remotely shutdown or restart all of the store’s devices at once, securing their customer’s data when the store is closed.

Another key security feature that Mobile Device Manager Plus supports in iOS 10.3 is remote alarms. If a device is stolen or lost, administrators can trigger a remote alarm through Mobile Device Manager Plus to help locate it.

Along with the above features, administrators can now also use Mobile Device Manager Plus to restrict Bluetooth usage and access to Apple’s music and radio services, and prevent users from submitting diagnostic reports to Apple.

Mobile Device Manager Plus provides day one support for iOS 10.3, making sure you don’t miss a beat.


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