Day One Support for ​iOS 9

Mobile Device Manager Plus | September 11, 2015 | 2 min read

When a new mobile OS release is around the corner, every mobile device management (MDM) IT admin’s concern is when their MDM client will support the new upgrade. Eager users promptly want to update their OS to check out its new features, and it’s hard for the IT admins to stop them. To keep this support worry at bay, we are happy to announce that Mobile Device Manager Plus provides launch day support for iOS 9! This new iOS is perfectly compatible with Mobile Device Manager Plus and all its existing features. In addition, Mobile Device Manager Plus packs some amazing new ones from iOS 9 that will make the IT admin’s job even easier.

iOS 9 is launching on September 16, 2015, with new device management and enterprise mobility features. This is great news for enterprises and educational institutions that already have Apple mobile devices, or wish to adopt them, because they now get additional control of their devices. Here’s a glimpse of the new iOS 9 features that are supported by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

1. Cutting down the dependency on Apple IDs

Before this update, enterprise-deployed devices required users to provide their Apple IDs to install apps directed through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). MDM clients were unable to directly install apps into devices without user intervention. This important upgrade from Apple allows VPP app licenses (free and paid) to be assigned to devices, instead of users. This eliminates the need for end users to use their Apple IDs for app installation, control, and updates. 

2. Benefit from Restrictions

  • ​​Previously, when the App Store was disabled to prevent users from downloading apps, it was difficult for MDM clients to distribute enterprise-approved apps. With Apple iOS 9, this issue is resolved. Now, only users will be restricted from downloading apps, while MDM clients can distribute and manage apps, without any hassle.

  • Enterprises give high priority to security, as some technologies  can be exploited to garner restricted data. iOS 9, in tandem with MDM, can regulate device usage according to the requirements of the organization. This is possible through various “restrictions settings” such as passcode modification, iCloud photo library uploads, keyboard shortcuts, preventing data loss through AirDrop, and so on. Supervision mode facilitates these benefits.

These new features in iOS 9 improve end user experience, while settling various device management problems for IT administrators. Mobile Device Manager Plus provides Day One support of iOS 9, for an enhanced enterprise mobility management experience. Details about Mobile Device Manager Plus software upgrade will be provided on the day iOS9 is released.