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Kiosk mode for mobile devices: serve one purpose, perfectly

As mobile devices evolve to do everything under the sun, some organizational sectors still demand these devices to serve just one purpose: register point-of-sale feedback, manage warehouse inventory, or help students take subject tests in schools, for instance.

To cater …

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Lost an iOS or Android device? Track and lock it down with Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile device loss can shatter even the most productive mobile workforce. When mobile devices are lost, they risk falling into the hands of someone equipped to steal or corrupt your sensitive corporate data.

What about geo-tracking the devices?
Many users …

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Three ways Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) simplifies iOS device management

After devices are enrolled with an organization’s mobile device management (MDM) setup, they are permitted to access the organization’s network resources such as mail, Exchange, Wi-Fi, and so on. In order to validate their access, client certificates are issued for

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BYOD management: Adapting to the evolving requirements

While the bring your own device (BYOD) trend helps organizations reduces infrastructure costs, only a fraction of those organizations — 16 percent — are fully equipped to support BYOD programs.

Understand BYOD trends and requirements to manage them better.

Understand the BYOD trends and requirements to manage them better.

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Web content filtering with iOS – the browsing comfort zone

Accessing web resources securely is essential for enterprises and educational institutions. And so, mobility management now includes the ability to filter web content. With web content filtering, organizations can manage, restrict, and channelize content to specific user groups. Limiting website

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5 advantages of using cloud-based mobile device management


Now manage your mobile devices on the cloud

Image Courtesy: Google

The cloud is a game changer for the IT industry, optimizing data storage and operations. As Mobile Device Manager Plus embraces the SaaS model with the launch of its cloud edition, here’s a highlight of the

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Just bump to enroll devices with Android Near Field Communication (NFC).

Bulk enrollment of corporate devices has always been a tedious task for mobile device management (MDM) IT administrators. As a silver lining for Android devices, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus now comes with an innovative method that will make

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More control with Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator helps IT administrators simplify staging, deployment, and supervision of iOS devices. Using this Mac application, you can enroll iOS devices through physical USB hubs. However, Apple Configurator can’t quite do it all. But when it augments a mobile

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Day One Support for ​iOS 9

When a new mobile OS release is around the corner, every mobile device management (MDM) IT admin’s concern is when their MDM client will support the new upgrade. Eager users promptly want to update their OS to check

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