Ransomware is an alarming cyberthreat that’s been evolving over the decades. According to Statista, there were a total of 236.1 million ransomware attacks worldwide during the first half of 2022. When organizations do not pay attention to their company’s cybersecurity structure, attackers instigate ransomware attacks by encrypting confidential files and folders, and ultimately demanding ransom. The ransom varies according to the type of ransomware variants.

With improvement in technology over the years, ransomware attackers have improved their techniques of penetrating into the IT structure of any organization. In today’s world, ransomware attacks are a nightmare for businesses and individuals as it impacts their productivity and disrupts confidentiality within organizations.

3 attack tactics: Entrance, encryption, exit with ransom

Threat actors require access to initiate a ransomware attack. Various entry points in your network might invite an attack. The most common endpoint entry points are phishing emails, stolen credentials, or unidentified loopholes in your organization’s network.

What happens once your endpoints are attacked by ransomware?

Once the malicious software enters the network, it starts encrypting the files, which leads to a compromise of your confidential files. Attackers take steps to delete the backups present in your endpoints, making it difficult to recover your files. Attackers gain more leverage as the decryption key is the only way to recover files. No option remains but to pay the ransom to recover your encrypted files and restore productivity in your organization. Sometimes, even after paying the ransom, your data is never fully recovered.

Anti-Ransomware to the rescue

Stay one step ahead with Anti-Ransomware, our multi-patented ransomware protection technology in ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central. With Anti-Ransomware, you can:

  • Detect and discover ransomware attacks on your network instantly.

  • Determine the root cause and provide immediate incident response.

  • Remediate and recover from the ransomware attacks spontaneously.

Behavioral detection:

  • Antivirus solutions that detect ransomware attacks based on hash value won’t detect new ransomware attacks.
  • Anti-Ransomware in Endpoint Central detects the attack rapidly with the help of behavior-based machine learning algorithms instead of signature-based detection.
  • Endpoint Central’s Anti-Ransomware works alongside traditional antivirus software. Yes, that’s true! Anti-Ransomware is a lightweight software that doesn’t affect your IT system’s health and agility.

Incident response:

  • Gain complete insights into the root cause of attacks while providing immediate incident response and preventing similar future attacks.
  • With our patented detection technology, false positives occur infrequently.
  • With Endpoint Central’s Anti-Ransomware, you can exclude legitimate actions that might get marked as ransomware incidents to reduce false positives even further.

Roll back and recovery: 

  • Most conventional anti-ransomware solutions fail to successfully recover your files because attackers delete the backup that’s been taken.
  • A single click to begin the recovery procedure on the entire network starts with Microsoft VSS.
  • Our patented technology prevents attackers from deleting the backup, and the shadow copies of all your files are taken every three hours.
  • The infected files are recovered instantly from the latest backup.

Get your hands on our new ransomware protection technology, Anti-Ransomware now!

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