Apple has finally released macOS 10.14, named Mojave after one of California’s three deserts. But why a desert? you may wonder. Some think the new name signifies the beauty of a desert at night as a subtle reference to Dark Mode, the most anticipated feature in macOS 10.14. While Dark Mode is definitely one of the most noteworthy features of macOS Mojave, there are plenty of other things to get excited about. 

  1. Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop

The standout feature in macOS Mojave is Dark Mode, which stretches not just to the dock, menu bar, and window borders, but also to content areas of Finder, Safari, Calendar, and other native apps. This isn’t the first time a vendor has developed some type of dark mode, but Mojave’s Dark Mode is extremely comprehensive. Dynamic Desktop, a companion feature to Dark Mode, introduces wallpapers that subtly change as time passes.

  1. Stacks and Finder

The new Stacks feature in macOS Mojave organizes all your desktop files into neat piles arranged by date, type, size, etc. You can also arrange stacks based on keyword tags. Another interesting feature that got more powerful with macOS Mojave is Finder. Users can now see all of a file’s metadata and perform quick actions (e.g. rotate or resize image files) from Finder.

  1. Continuity Camera and Group FaceTime

Continuity Camera lets you import photos and documents from an iPhone right into macOS. Group FaceTime, which is a feature of iOS 12, is also available with macOS Mojave. This lets users add up to 32 people to a FaceTime call.

  1. Security improvements and iOS app support

macOS Mojave offers improved security and privacy, with new protections for sensitive data and stricter requirements for apps requesting access to the device’s camera and microphone. With macOS Mojave, Apple has also ported some of its own iOS apps, like Voice Memos and News, over to macOS. Apple is expected to enable all third-party developers to easily port their iOS apps to macOS within the next year. 

With all these exciting new features, odds are your end users will be asking to have macOS Mojave installed on their computers. If your organization is itching to upgrade, Desktop Central, our unified endpoint management solution, has your back. We’re offering support for macOS Mojave so you can enjoy Dark Mode, Stacks, and all the new macOS features today.