It’s hard to keep note of all the malware that‘s been unleashed in last three months; the count seems to be never ending. Earlier this year, we saw SambaCry exploit a sevenyearold vulnerability in Samba (opensource Linux software). Now, more malware with the same capabilities as SambaCry has been unleashed for WindowsThis new malware, CowerSnail, was detected by security researchers at Kaspersky Labs and identified as backdoor attack, allowing hackers to remotely execute code.

CowerSnail was compiled with a framework that grants it the ability to transfer its source code across different operating systems. This results in a disproportionately large user code file. Similar to SambaCry, CowerSnail employs C&C protocols to exploit Windows and provide hackers with additional capabilities for further remote code executions.

Cyber attacks develop in three stages these days: 

  1. Vulnerability identified.
  2. Malware or ransomware exploits vulnerabilities.
  3. Malware upgraded to wreak further havoc

Corporations were having a tough time dealing with leaked Windows vulnerabilities right after the WannaCry cyber attack. Then Linux was breached with malware, and strings of other attacks targeted smartphones, Macs, and browsersWith so much malware and ransomware being unleashed what seems to be every week, enterprises have to stay on top of their security to stay productive and retain customer relationships.

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  1. If you want to patch an entire group of computers that belong to different platforms, try Patch Manager Plus.
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  3. If youre using Microsoft SCCM and looking for a thirdparty patch management tooltry Patch Connect Plus.

Secure your network against any future cyber attacks by employing the right patch management solution that fits your needsDeploy a patch management tool now and address vulnerabilities before they impact your network.

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