These days, everyone enjoys the convenience of swift and effortless services—from high-speed internet, to online shopping, to pizza being delivered to your door. Following in this trend, modern organizations must deliver products and services quickly and effectively. Managing users can be a tedious task, and a tool to make that job easier is right in line with this move towards convenience. Now, you can deploy software to users simply and quickly with Desktop Central’s self-service portal (SSP).

Using the SSP, users can raise a request to the help desk for any commercial software that is published via Desktop Central’s SSP. This request will generate a ticket for Service Desk Plus, where a technician can either approve or deny it. After approval,  concerned software is automatically installed on the requested user’s account or computer.

Technicians can also publish software packages to the SSP, where users can view the available list in a central location. In addition, technicians can send software to defined groups to ensure it only goes to those who need it. Users can then install the software directly with or without approval, as specified by technicians. Users will enjoy choosing what they need, while technicians will enjoy delivering only what is requested.

Desktop Central’s SSP greatly reduces your system administrator’s workload while still ensuring quick deployment for specific users. In addition, it emphasizes user transparency and better utilizes your time and effort.

The Desktop Central SSP will delight your users with effective and timely software deployment. When Desktop Central has your back, you can manage users confidentially and accurately.

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