Kywi belongs to construction industry and their offices are spread across different locations and deploying patches was the most complicated task. Even when they scan and deploy patches, the bandwidth consumption was taking a toll on their IT costs. Their manual efforts were time consuming, which resulted in difficulty in managing the systems.


Avila and his team realized bulk deployment for the entire system was the best way to go about tackling the problem. Desktop Central played a major role in deploying patches at different location with its specialized WAN architecture that enables to distribute patches from distribution server.
The team was able to save the bandwidth costs using Desktop Central with a specialized technology that helps in downloading patches once in the server, and can be used any number of times without any additional consumption of bandwidth.

Customer satisfaction:

I decided for Desktop Central because it was the only one that offered me a fully functional trial with the correct support that helped me with all the problems and doubts,” says Santiago Avila.

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